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Makeup 101: Makeup products for Beginners!

Hey “BD beauties”!

So girls I turned 20 this past Thursday and I was really planning for a giveaway and it’s up now. Its international and you can win the famous M.A.C RiRi Woo lipstick with a lot other makeup goodies so ENTER HERE.

I have been lagging a lot with my Makeup 101 posts so this one is for those who were expecting that. I’m very sorry for the delay in posting one but better late than never! I’m planning on doing a few more on eye looks etc so please give me your suggestions. So today imp going to tell you about the items you need to buy if you’re starting off with makeup. These are the first things I would want if I didn’t have any makeup so let’s get started!

This is the most hectic part of a beginner’s makeup journey and frankly I still have issues finding the right shade of foundation. Read HERE to know about how to apply foundation. Basically there are two things you need to know before selecting the right shade one is your undertone (i.e. yellow, neutral or cool) and the colour. My favourite foundation so far is the Revlon colorstay for oily/ combination skin (Reviewed HERE).

A good quality eye shadow palette
You cannot be wasting money buying single shadows to start up your collection and if you love trying out new looks an eye shadow palette like the 120 eye shadow palette is great for starters. The one I have here is from tmart and I’m really surprised of how pigmented the shades are.

More blushes the better
This is optional. If you love just one shade of blush this isn’t for you but if your mood for blushes change a lot then this is great! This is the 10 colour blush palette which is really pigmented and has great lasting power.

Basic brushes
You can definitely buy a brush set which includes many shades but if you want to just get the most essentials I highly recommend the flat top foundation brushes. Many brands make these and a great dupe for the sigma F80 is the NANSHY flat top brush which is great quality, soft bristles and very much does the job.
As for eye brushes I do a lot of blending so a fluffy blending brush is a must! Nothing makes a look a hot mess than unblended eye looks and too much blush! The next brush I love is a basic flat top brush to pack on colour.

The mascara for you is different since various mascaras perform different tasks. If your lashes are thick but short you need lengthening mascara. But if you have long but thin mascara you need a thickening and volumizing. If you lack on both departments like this girls writing this blog ;) you need to get a two in one OR you should try a mascara primer which you apply beforehand.

Felt tip eye liner
Liners with felt tips are a must for beginners. It helps a lot with controlling and drawing out the shade you want to. I love the L.A Girl Fine liner which I have reviewed HERE.

Finally you need lipstick DUH. A girl need her lipstick start off with nudes. The one I have here is the NYX lipstick in shade HERMES I got this shade for myself assuming it would be a perfect nude but it’s too dark for me. These shades will work great for girls with duskier skin tones. If you have medium skin tone, you have to try my Holy Grail nude which is the Maybelline colorsensational lipstick in shade my mahogany (Reviewed here).

So that’s what I was able to come up with and hopefully it will help out the girls beginning with makeup.

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  1. Great post Jeesha. Surely it's going to help a lot of beginners. I wish Nanshy brushes were avaialble here in India too :(

    1. Its not available in my country too nivedita its just online I guess :)

  2. I so so so want that 120 pro eye shadow palette and soon own one :) Nice article Jeeshan :)

  3. Happy belated bday wish :) I love this post, I know zero when it comes to make up...I know a few bits on lips and eyeliners...but nothing when it comes to eye shadows lol!!!


  4. Great Post!! Felt tip eyeliner is good for the beginners. :)

  5. Great post jeeshan...happy birthday darlin

  6. Love your post you are my inspirations since many months when i join ur blog Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Ooh - good post. I think I have most of this stuff. I nailed the good brushes at Top shop, theyre so soft :-)
    Ive found a foundation that seems to work for me - I mix 3in1 Max Factor with Garnier BB cream. Sneaky.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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