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Quick ways to dry out a pimple overnight

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Today the topic is going to be about pimples! As much as it’s a frustrating topic for most girls. It’s also something we have to take care about rather than letting on its own. One of the hardest pimples to treat are those that are hormonal (you know those annoying zits that pop up to show its time ;) ). However, you can try a few ways to dry up the other type of pimples.

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As simple as it is, pimples are caused by bacteria stuck in the layers of your skin so in order to dry them up you need to treat them with something that eradicates them. I have typed down for you some of the ways that claim to show a difference in a short period of time. However it’s also important to remember that these are just quick fixes and spot treatments.


  •       Toothpaste

Use toothpaste that’s not a gel type. Dab a little bit of it on your pimple and leave it overnight. What its supposed to do is reduce inflammation of your pimple. Its important to use clean fingers while doing it so e sure to sanitize beforehand. The toothpaste also works on removing puss out of your pimple thus reducing the swelling.

  •       Baking soda / bicarbonate of soda

Mix in baking soda with clean water and create a paste and use it as spot treatment over your pimple to dry it out. This gives the same effect as toothpaste and this would suite you if you don’t like mint on your face. I personally don’t like the tingling effect that toothpaste gives. This also dries out pimple overnight.

  •      Eye drops (drops that are meant for redness)

This is a great treatment. These products restrict blood vessels, pulling blood away from the surface and taking away colour. Thus it does the same for pimples taking the redness in the pimple away and reducing the swollen effect.

  •     White vinegar

This helps to dry a pimple as the acidity in white vinegar actually takes the puss in the pimple away. Once the puss goes away, your pimple will reduce in size and dries up the pimple
  •    Ice

Just like using ice to reduce inflammation on your injury, it can also be used to reduce the selling of your pimple. This reduces the size of the pimple and dries it up.
  •      Lemon juice

This is a well known treatment for pimples that occur in your T zone that is your forehead and nose area. Apply it with a cotton swab to your pimple and it will definitely become less noticeable overnight. (The lemon juice might sting a little bit but that’s completely normal).

All the treatments that i have mentioned above are probably available in your homes if not you can easily purchase them at your local drugstore and grocery stores.

What do you girls think about these treatments? I have tried the toothpaste and baking soda methods and they have worked for me! :) 


  1. lovey tips! Your blog is brill

  2. vry helpful...

  3. I have tried Lemon juice and bs paste. It works! Thanks for the tips :)

  4. outstanding info!!
    It is much better to treat acne scars or pimples through natural ways as compared to unhealthy products. i also had treated my own acne infected face through above shared remedies. Before using home remedies, I had tried a number of products but everyone is just a lie promise. But when I had first tried your shared method I had got very good results. Here some more home remedies which I have found on the internet.
    I have shared here so that people will know more ways to treat acne naturally. Thanks Terrific share!


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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