About Me

Hello everyone! 

Glad that you’re interested to know about me. My name is Jeeshan Umar. I’m from the management accounting feild acadamically. I currently reside in Colombo, Srilanka. I developed my interest and passion for makeup since I was around 13 and couldn’t resist since then! Definitely looking back at my pictures back in the day I know I sucked at it but that’s always the case of a learning process: D I have definitely educated myself a lot for the past 6 years about makeup and beauty and I feel confident enough to teach lovely readers like you about it!  ill teach you makeup techniques in detail and also my tutorials are detailed with pictures for clear illustration! Reviews of products and swatches are also available.
I’m a freelance makeup artist and therefore i can tell you about Pro techniques and the best products at different price levels! 

My interests other than makeup are; cooking, weight training, and eating! A lot more of the eating part ;)

My skin

I have medium skin tone with warm undertones therefore I usually slide more toward warm shades for makeup products!
I have combination skin (more oily than dry) I do have acne prone skin especially during that time of the month ;) I do have acne scars from the past acne that I had and they are just a pain!

My hair

I have wavy hair which is naturally black. But do have reddish highlights. (I do write posts about hair care as well)

You can find me on facebook as well as twitter.
I would love to hear suggestions and feedback from you guys as it’s written for my readers! If you are new to my blog, please don’t forget to Sign up to this blog HERE  Signing up will give you updates straight to your inbox whenever i put up a new post

If you have anything you would want me to know, don’t hesitate to contact me at 


XOXO Jeeshan

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