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Makeup 101: 7 Basic brushes you must have

Hello ladies,

This is the first post under my latest segment ‘makeup 101’ which I announced earlier. If you haven’t read that, CHECK HERE to know what to expect. Today’s topic is going to be about makeup brushes. Yes i know you start with those flimsy sponge applicators that come with almost every eye shadow palettes you purchase but let’s be honest you cannot do everything with it. When you’re trying to purchase makeup brushes, I would recommend that you start cheap. Yes I meant really cheap. You can find these 12 pieces and 32 pieces makeup brush sets almost everywhere and surprisingly the quality isn’t that bad for a beginner. But if you want to buy the rushes separately, let me tell you which brushes are essential and which could also multi task :)

Face brushes

Flat top foundation brush

This brush is a great purchase if you wear foundation a lot and love full coverage. This type of brushes have bristles that are densely packed in order to pick product and spread them evenly without streaking.

A blush / contour brush

The reason why I combine both is because they can be used for both purposes. Make sure you purchase a blush brush which is slightly smaller than usual. This will help it act effectively as a contour brush as well. If you girls don’t know about contouring, its definitely coming up in another ‘makeup 101’ post :)

Eye brushes
A flat eye shadow brush

This is the most common type of eye brush and also the one you can find easily. This performs just like those sponge applicators that is to pack on colour. All it does is deposit colour to your eyes nothing else. This is a must have brush as placing colour is the first thing you do in your eye makeup.

Crease brush / pencil brush

You can combine both purpose into one as both brushes are fairly similar. Crease brush is a small brush used to create crease definitions or darken a certain area basically this type of rushes are designed to be able to place colour onto a small area. You can also use this brush to place colour on your lower lash line and also smudge your eye liner.

Fluffy blending brush

In my opinion this is the ‘magician’s tool’ in makeup. This can turn a floppy and patchy eye look into something more glamorous. Blending is key to flawless makeup. NOTE IT!!! May it be foundation or eye makeup you need you lend it. Lending harsh lines in your eye makeup makes it softer and put together.

Eye liner brush

An eye liner brush is a must have if you love your winged liners. Get one as this as possible in order to give you maximum support when drawing. I have used art brushes for this and work perfectly alright.

An angled eyeliner brush

This is also a brush that can help you with your winged liners if your sing gel liners. But for me, i use it as a brow brush. I use it to fill in my brows with powder. The angled tip gives perfect precision in drawing your brows.

That’s it girls 7 basic brushes you need in your beginners makeup kit! Obviously there are hell loads of more brushes but those are just additional. If you have these brushes, you can create the most flawless makeup looks that could impress a lot of people.

In my opinion tools are THE most important in makeup. Even if you have the most expensive makeup products, you cannot put them to good use without the right tools. If you ask me brush brands other than the famous MAC, I would recommend you try out Sedona lace or even real techniques. They provide sets as well with the basic brushes I have mentioned in this post. However if you got the money brands like sigma and MAC are great investments ;)

Hope this was a helpful post and ill catch you with my next post!
Xoxo Jeeshan

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