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10 colour blush palette review & swatches

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Today’s review is going to be about the 10 colour blush palette. These palettes are quite familiar among beauty enthusiasts as they are considerably cheap and fairly good quality. You can find them in places like ebay and amazon. I found mine on tmart. I have already spoken abit about tmart and how  inexpensive their products are. Check here to know more! 

10 colour blush palette
I always wanted to collect these palettes as they seem so versatile especially if you do makeup on others. You can find many options from these palettes.

My experience with it.

I do not have a huge obsession with blushes and its one product that you don’t need to spend a lot on. But this was really attractive to me because of the fact that it had many colours with various undertones to suite different skin tones. The colours range from bright pinks to corals to rosy shades. It’s definitely an 
unbeatable value with great price.

One thing that made me go gaga over this product is the fact that the pigmentation of these blushes are so deep. This makes application a little tricky but in a great way. You won’t hit pan on either of these blushes soon because of their pigmentation which is even great J

Packaging of the 10 colour blush palette

The staying power of these blushes are similarly great. It’s pretty comparable to jordana’s powder blushes which are known to be a great budget blush. Review here.
The blushes are also bendable. This prevents blotchiness and gives a flawless finish to the blush application rather than having a huge clown spot J

These blushes do not have any significant scent which is always great on face products. I personally get headaches when I apply anything scented on my face J the packaging of this product is also sleek. It has a matte finish black case which has a tendency to get dirty but not that hard to clean anyway. The packaging is not bulky adding extra bulkiness which is great for a makeup artist!
You can definitely see the qualities I have mentioned in the swatches below J

10 colour blush palette

How I apply it

I use a blush brush or an angled blush brush to apply this. Since its pretty pigmented I always touch the product softly than swirling my brush in it. However, if you do end up picking a lot of product, always remember to tap off the excess! However, if you do apply too much on your face, blend it out with your foundation brush thus removing abit of the product off.

10 colour blush palette swatches

Summary of my opinions

Blend ability of the blushes are great
Extremely pigmented blushes
Satisfactory staying power
Has no scent
Will last you a long time
Has a wide variety (in my opinion you don’t need to buy any more blushes if you have this)
Great price! Costs me $9.99 at

The palette’s exterior can get dirty easily

10 colour blush palette

This a great product and I would recommend this to anyone a beginner of a makeup artist. This is a real deal in my opinion concerning the price and quality of the product. You can find this on tmart(dot)com for $9.99 and also on ebay.

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