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Makeup 101: How to apply Lipstick and Lip liner

Makeup 101: How To Apply Lipstick And Lip Liner

How to put on lipstick and also how to apply lip liner are two things you need to know to make the colour last longer, give full colour and shape out the best shape for your face. Of course more care needs to be taken when the colour of the lipstick gets darker. Many people do not really understand how to wear lipstick other than just slapping the colour off the bullet. The Lip brush was invented for a reason and the reason is to avoid sloppy lipstick application. Read the two quick lipstick application tips below.

How to apply Lipstick and Lip liner

A. Do Liner First

Lip liner is optional but if you use it, it should go on first. Don't use liner darker than your lipstick, because if the lipstick fades and the liner doesn't, you're left with just an outline. Use neutral or lipstick-matched liner.
Starting at the center of your upper lip, draw a line to each outer corner, following the edge of your natural lip line.
Fill in color all over lips if you want extra holding power for your lipstick.

*Hint: Chill lip pencil in the refrigerator for a few minutes to make sharpening easier.

B. Lipstick

A dusting of powder or bit of foundation beneath lipstick can maximize its staying power. Either can dry lips, though, so use a creamy formula lipstick?
Stretch your lips and starting at the center of top or bottom, glide color to corners. Blot, reapply and blot again for longer-lasting color.

*Hint: A lip brush gives you the most precision in applying lipstick.

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