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Review: 88 Matte palette from

“Hey BD beauties”!

I recently received a few makeup products from beautystore4u for review and I reviewed the brushes I received from them HERE. This review is going to e of the 88 matte palette from their own line! I chose this over the 120 palettes as I already own them and i was lacking a tad bit in the matte department.

What does the brand say about this product? (Source)

This matte 88 Eyeshadow Palette should be you first point when looking for new cosmetic for your kit. With high pigmentation and long-lasting formula you will not have to redo your makeup every few hours.
88 Palette
This Eye Palette has a huge variety of colours that will suite everyone. You will feel like a makeup artist with so many colours to choose from!
Long-Lasting Mineral Oil Base
Each eye shadow is made from a natural mineral oil base that creates a smooth application with every stroke. You will never have to worry about fading or smudging by the end of your day.
Storage and convenience
The stylish black glossy case will keep your eye shadows protected. Modern design with handy mirror and two Eye Applicator Sponges
For your safety and high quality, each shade of the kit has been made and assembled in the palette by hand. All eye shadow is also inspected twice before shipping. The eye shadow is packaged in a black compact and is a wonderful gift for the woman in your life.

My experience with this product

Although they claim this is a matte eye shadow palette, i do see at least 9 shades with a pearl finish which doesn’t matter as there is already a wide selection of mattes. Whatever palette I purchase, I like to have a pigmented basic black shadow and i was happy that the lack in this was pigmented!

Above all I feel like this palette has the right amount of variation you would need to either create a neutral look or a bright bold look. Just as any palette in the market like this, you should expect a few shades to be useless and chalky and I do find shades as such in this.

For a girl who loves variety I say that this palette is decently pigmented (Not as the BH cosmetics palettes) but good enough to come up with a decent look. However, I do find that these shades are chalky and easily get powdery when you place a brush on it. It will be best if you use a good eye base or primer for your lids.
The shades are not long wearing if you skip the primer but if you do it lasts really long! Basically longevity of shadows is highly dependent on the primer used to let them stick on. The palette cost £12.95/ $21.57 HERE. I find the cost being a tad it too high but if you willing to pay that it’s a good palette to have. I Love the sleek packaging of this palette. Especially how it shuts with a snap and doesn’t open when not handled to do so. The palette comes with a good mirror and two sponge applicators which makes this palette travel friendly too.

What’s great about this palette?
  • Has good variety of neutrals and brights
  • Travel friendly
  • Decent pigmentation

What’s not so great?
  • Chalky shadows
  • You need a primer to make the shades last
  • You can find this particular palette online only.

Overall verdict

Frankly I wouldn’t purchase this palette if it was not given for review as 21 dollars is a lot of money and I would love to invest it in a BH cosmetics palette or coastal scents one. I do however like that its a lot better than a few eBay palettes which is always a hit or miss!

Disclaimer: Product provided by brand for review. Opinions are 100% mine

                                                                                                                           Xoxo Jeeshan


  1. Shades are so good and nice review.. sounds like a dud!!

  2. Such a Beautiful Palette and with a perfect amount of pigmentation Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Nice review! it sounds something similar to coastal scents 88 Prism palette that i have :)

  4. oh very nice :)

  5. wow..very nice palette jeeshan..i have same but i bought it from Amazon Uk...nice review..
    my recent post :

  6. Great review Jees! pretty shades but pricey.

  7. always glad to read on honest review. however, I am an eye palette freak and i love love love them all.....even if they're just to look at ;)

  8. Ooh - good to hear an unbiased and honest review

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  9. The pigment is really good!


  10. I really want this palette!!

  11. Thanx for the review..chalky eyeshadow is a big no no

  12. These are lookin pretty but i too dont like chalky shadows.

  13. Pretty good review Jeeshan:)
    Colours are lovely but chalky !!

  14. These colors, at least in pictures, seem like satin colors not matte colors.


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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