Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Revlon colourstay foundation for oily/combination skin review & swatch

Hey guys,
Revlon colourstay foundation for oily/combination skin in (warm golden)
This is a review on the famous revlon colourstay foundation known in the beauty world as the best foundation for price. I was kind of hesitating to do this as there are probably enough of reviews out there :) but any how this is my opinion.

revlon usually put out products that are great for being drugstore (usually their lip products hands down are the best) and this was just as good. As usual ill break down my opinion into pros and cons for you.

This is by far in my opinion the best foundation for oily skin with a reasonable price. It also doesn't oxidize by changing colour after application thus making colour matching a it easier.

As for me this lasts on for a good 7 hrs although not as long as it claims, concerning i have oily skin thats good staying power.

I bought this in srilanka for Rupees 2050 at glamours

Revlon colourstay foundation for oily/combination skin in (warm golden)

  • Full coverage foundation which is important for uneven skin tone
  • price is great for a valued quality product
  • shade variety is huge! you can find a fairly perfect match without having to custom mix
  • staying power is crazy for what it is. which is great for oily skin, keeps oil at bay for quite a long time.
  • Packaging does'nt have a pump which in my opinion is vital to not allow bacteria get in however this wouldn't be an issue if you only use it on yourself.
  • The product has a strong chemical scent which others alot of people. an unscented version would be great!
  • Blending out the foundation is a great hassle! it sets pretty fast so you would have to work parts of your face at a time
Revlon colourstay foundation for oily/combination skin in (warm golden) swatched on left and when blended on the right
I think the product is definetly worth the hype i would recommend this foundation for those with oily skin. revlon also has a version for normal/dry skin if that is your skin condition.

You can buy the product in your local drugstore or revlon counters

What do you think about this product? 



  1. I agree with your review; Colorstay is really a great foundation but the lack of a pump does let it down because is much less hygienic this way. If you are still looking for an alternative then maybe you should try using - this will help you choose the right foundation by making recommendations tailored to your needs. I have used it several times when looking to change foundation and I always get some good ideas:)

  2. I have an oily/combination skin and this is perfect for my skin thank you soo much for posting it really helping me :)


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