Thursday, August 15, 2013

Get the look: Miley cyrus in her music video 'we can't stop'

Hey “BD beauties”!

Have you guys seen miley cyrus’s latest video ‘we can’t stop’? Well frankly it’s kind of all over the place in my opinion but I love the retro chic look she has on. I have been noticing most music videos lately with various artists have been sporting such classic looks. I have done enough of neutral pin up type looks but really wanted to do this too!
The face is very minimal in fact you might just need bronzer to warm up your face and a bright red lip.

More music video inspired makeup:

Let’s get started!

Step 1: is the usual priming and prepping your lids, I have been searching my NYX base everywhere but seems like I have lost it :( but anyhow I have primed my lids with the elf eyelid primer and I have used a crease brush and drawn a curve on the outer crease using a dark brown shadow (matte).

Step 2: I’m going in with a fluffy blending brush and blending out that crease line with a light hand so I don’t reduce the intensity.

Step 3: next using shimmery beige on a flat shader brush I’m applying this all over the lid area.

Step 4: I have drawn a simple cat eye in this look and also traced a matte black on the outer part of my lower lash line.

Step 5: I felt like my eyes are a tad it too closed so I used the nude pencil to line the inner rim of my eyes.

Step 6: to add final touches I applied some falsies and then added some mascara to my lashes top and bottom.

The look is the most easy eye look for beginners. All the 6 steps are very simple not much blending. A retro look is always classy yet easy and doesn’t take much time. Two products in my option that needs to stand out is the liquid liner for your lash line and the red lipstick. I recommend the elf liquid liner to get a dark intense black line and before using your red lipstick, it’s always good to use a lip liner.

Hope this post helped you to understand how to get mileys look :) xx Jeeshan

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xx Jeeshan

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