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Makeup 101: Cheap online makeup stores with free shipping

Hey “BD beauties”!

Today’s post is going to be an interesting one because I have been waiting to write this with all the knowledge I have with online shopping. In my country, srilanka it’s extremely hard or rather impossible to find the makeup brands that are sold in the drugstores in the USA. And the few high end ones are just ridiculously priced! This is why i have been crazy over online shopping and that most of my hauls are from websites. What I usually look for in online shopping websites is those websites with free shipping. Of course the first thing I do is go on Google and type on search words like ‘buy makeup online’, ‘buy cheap makeup online free shipping’, ‘makeup online free shipping worldwide’ phrases go on! This is how i got introduced to most of the wholesale websites in china and Hong Kong and in fact my first online purchases were from one such websites.

So today I’m going to introduce to you a few websites with free shipping that i loved shopping at and which will be useful for those starting out with makeup and want to start up your collection.

Tmart (

This is the first website that i purchased online with and loved their service! They have great customer care services such as online chats, email services and also phone. Of course I’m going to be drawn to the health and beauty section. They carry palettes, brushes, lashes and much more.

Born pretty store (

This is also another site with really cheap prices but they specialise in nail art and nail polishes. However, they do have lots more categories introduced recently such as circle lenses, phone cases, jewellery etc, of course they have makeup too. A review of this website is coming up soon!

Strawberry Net (

This is another website that’s raved in the beauty world. They have discounted authentic high end makeup and skincare products in here with brands like MAC, Ysl, Estee lauder etc. Another thing that makes me eager to buy here is the fact that they refund your customs charges provided you have a scan of the customs receipt! Isn’t that great? i haven’t come across any website that ships worldwide who have such a policy but it sure is great when you want high end stuff!

Cosme- de (

This is another website that sells high end makeup except this isn’t discounted. Here you can find brand like Dior, Dermalogica and much more. This website not only sells makeup but also other items like perfumes, bath and body items etc!
I have reviews of two items from this website: Clinique all in one colour palette, the secret angel petite hand cream.

Review of 

Beauty Bay (

This is a fantastic website to get brands like urban decay, cover fx, eyeko, murad and much more! I love the layout of this website and the huge range of products they carry. Really having an eye on a few items here.

So here are the list of websites great to try if you’re starting out or already have a collection and looking for more. Shipping is a huge cost especially for my country so sites like these really help me get the price which Americans pay as well as find a huge variety. I will also be doing a post about shopping online. And more websites where I buy my makeup and other accessories!

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  1. I havnt tried T-mart but for sure they have some really interesting stuff

  2. Awesome Site Loved the post Jees :)

  3. Oh, very handy. Thanks for sharing.


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