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Review: NARS no. 13 Large Dome brush

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I have not done many reviews on brushes and this is going to be one of my first! Today I’m going to review the NARS no.13 Large dome brush (£32.50) which is a blending brush Oh and before I get started I just want to remind you guys that the huge makeup giveaway going on will end this 19th so don’t forget to enter! NARS is a well known brand for its quality brushes and luxurious packaging and I have nothing different to say about its brushes too. They are everything you would need a makeup rush to be and is a definite must have for those who love dramatic eye makeup which involves blending every step of the way. There are a few points I would love to point out with this product that I do not like but overall it doesn’t bother me much. Read on to know my views!

What does NARS say about this product?

This No. 13 eye brush is made by NARS. The details include: a domed, natural hair tip ideal for blending harsh lines and applying colour to the eyelid.

My experience with this product

This is my first ever high end makeup brush so of course I need to be excited about this. NARS is definitely a brand priced higher than that of MAC so it will be sort of a splurge just to get even one but sadly I cannot compare it to any MAC brushes concerning I do not own any. But according to my unbiased review I can definitely say it’s a good investment. The brush feels sturdy and quite well made overall and you can definitely feel how luxurious it is just by holding it. Moving on to further details, I have to say that the handle of the brush kind of follow the velvet like finish or the NARS makeup products but is less prone to get dirty unlike the blushes (Review of NARS blush in super orgasm).

The barrel holds the bristles well glued together and is sturdy with the handle. The rush is quite comfortable to hold onto at the right length. (If you love smaller lengths I highly recommend checking out the NARS brushes in the travel size sets). The hair are said to be natural on the asos website where I got it from which is defiantly true concerning how soft the brush feels on the skin. The edges are cut perfectly thus not being harsh. This is the perfect large dome brush with the right amount of fluffiness to it and is perfect for feathering out harsh lines and giving your eye look a gradient. It’s also great to use all over the lid so I can defiantly recommend this as a multipurpose brush.

The only thing that bums me out is that these  brushes do not come in a case or a cute box. It just comes in a plastic cover with the name of the brush written on it. In my option paying £32.50 deserves some good packaging right?

This brush costs £32.50 on Asos which is a hell load of money and shows clearly how much of an investment you’re going to make so this means you should take good care of your brushes in order to make them last longer. If you’re worried about the letters ruing off I recommend putting on some clear top coat over them and when washing them always wash with the bristles facing downwards so that water doesn’t get into the barrel and loosen up the glue.

Whats great about this product?
  • sturdy handle
  • soft bristles
  • does a wonderful job compared to drugstore alternatives

Whats not so great?
  • doesnt come in any fancy packaging

Overall verdict

I had a good experience with the NARS brushes and I’m hoping to buy a few more! It’s defiantly a good investment and great to form a collection of sturdy brushes. I recommend this a lot for those who love eye makeup! It makes a huge deference to using a drugstore blending brush.

Have you tried NARS brushes?

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