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Review of the OXY GLOW Liquorice Mud Pack

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Today I’m going to review a mud mask that I have been trying for the past 3 weeks and it’s the OXY GLOW Liquorice mud pack that I picked up in my local supermarket. I initially went there searching for the Himalaya neem pack which has so much of great reviews but I didn’t find any there but of course I had to leave buying things I really didn’t plan to and this was one such purchase!

It has 100g of product and costs 500 srilankan rupees which is about $3.5. Also costs INR 130 HERE.

According to the website this seems like an Indian brand and you can buy there products online too. I love clay and mud masks I recently got to know how beneficial they are to acne prone skin and ever since I was in a hunt for good clay masks.

What does the brand say?

Key Ingredients: Liquorice Extract, Mennonite, Bearberry Extract, Grape Extract Its Unique Formula Of Natural Ingredients Refreshes & Rejuvenates Facial Skin By Absorbing Excess Oil & Removing Deep Set Dirt & Impurities

My experience with this product

The initial reaction I had as I opened the lid is the smell. It’s a very disturbing smell for my nose but it can be pleasant for you. The smell does linger throughout the time you have the mask on and even after you remove however it’s very biased as this is just how my nose reacts. While applying it can notice the lovely consistency it has, it’s the perfect texture a mask should have its spreads easily. I tried it with a flat synthetic brush initially but since it took too long I started using my fingers and it worked just fine.

Once you apply the mask it does give you a tingling sensation which I think is the mask working but not quite sure. It does burn slightly making it uncomfortable. Also it says it’s for all skin types on the tube I have I personally think it’s for oily to combination skin as the areas burning where the dry parts of my face.
The mask is in a light green colour but dries to a lighter shade so you know it’s dry in about 15 minutes depending on how thick the layer you applied is. You have to wash the mask off with warm water if not it will take forever to come off. So the results that I got instantly were a smooth face. However I didn’t notice a significant reduction in the size of the zits I had. It didn’t put up to its claims of removing blackheads which is the main reason for my purchase but I could see a slight difference when used overnight.

How I use it
Before using any mask, I always steam my face for at least 10 minutes to open my pores and let the mask penetrate and do its job. Once dried which is usually in about 15 to 20 minutes, I wash it off with warm water and moisturize. It’s best to use it thrice in a week.

Whats great about this product?
  • Leaves my skin smooth
  • Has a good consistency
  • Hygienic packaging

Whats not so great
  • Doesn’t reduce blackheads
  • Doesn’t remove oil well
  • Is not for dry skin

Overall verdict

If you’re trying to find a way to control your acne I do not suggest you try this. It’s cheap but not the one to do the job. However if you have combination or oily skin and looking for a mask to refresh and smoothen your skin, this is a good one!

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