Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to treat Dark Under Eye circles

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We all know how dark under eyes can totally put off the look of your face even if you have the clearest off faces but it’s always best to treat these as soon as you see them coming. I have listed down a few (effective) treatments to treat them and also a few tips to prevent them.

Reduce puffiness: puffiness can cause shadows under your eyes which might give an illusion of dark circles so to avoid this, have slices of cucumber on your eyes for about 10 minutes in the morning. What this does is it causes the blood vessels to constrict and reduce swelling.

Green tea: this stuff is good for your skin, acne issues, weight etc as well as you under eye darkness it has an agent called astaxanthin that helps in improving the skins elasticity thus reducing hyper pigmentation and also mend other skin flaws like fine lines.

Have an eye care regimen: people invest in expensive face products, serums etc but many avoid eye creams thinking it’s for an older community etc. that’s a huge mistake. Anti ageing products should be incorporated into your skincare at least by the age of 20 it’s always best to start early. Certain eye creams have leaching agents so this in long-term use will reduce your dark circles effectively.

Slice of raw potato: it’s also known to reduce appearance of acne scars and it does the same with dark under eyes too. Potatoes are natural bleaching agents.

Rose water: rose water has a soothing effect and will rejuvenate the under eye area when applied it works very similar to cucumbers. This treatment is said to be very effective if followed often.

Turmeric: it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is effective to remove dark circles in continuous use. Make a paste out of the powder and water and apply on the areas. Be careful not to put it in.

How to prevent dark circles
Prevention is definitely better than cure so a few things to note are:
Introduce eye care in your skin care (anti ageing products are better)
Drink plenty of water, have your beauty sleep, prevent long hours on the computer
Treat your eyes to gel masks or cucumbers (they need rest too)



  1. these tips are very effective but iam too lazy, i follow this for a day or two then i giveup

  2. Dark circles and all depend on the skin pigmentation..They don’t go so easily..


  3. Great Post dear n very useful too...

    my recent one :


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