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Get the look: Eva Longoria at the latino Inaugural 2013

Hey “BD beauties”!

Get the look: Eva Longoria at the latino Inaugural 2013

Get the look: Eva Longoria at the latino Inaugural 2013

Today’s post is going to be a ‘Get the look’ and this post will feature Eva longoria’s makeup look at the latino inaugural2013! You can read the previous post in this segment HERE. The look she had on here is a simple gold eye makeup, played up with a smoked up lash line with a flick and accent lashes! So let’s see how this can be achieved :)

Get the look: Eva Longoria at the latino Inaugural 2013

Step 1
Prime the lids and highlight the brow bone and inner corners with a champagne shade.

Step 2
Apply a gold shade all over the lids and also the inner part of the lower lash line. I have foiled the shadow to make it look more vibrant than how it is by itself.

Step 3
Using a medium brown shade, sweep it in the crease while blending the harsh edges from the gold shadow. Lend up to the brow bone highlight.

Step 4
Using a darker brown, concentrate it on the crease and blend away. The reason why I used two shades of brown is to give a gradient.

Step 5
Apply a thin line of kohl on the upper lash line and smoke it with a smudge brush or crease brush. As you can see in Eva’s picture, the inner part of her upper lash line is smoked while the outer part is with a harsh black liner.

Step 6
Line the lower lash line with black kohl and add on mascara. Concentrate the mascara more toward the inner part as the lashes will be used only on the outer part. If you look close at her eyes, you can see that the lashes are extra long and thick at the end only. This is achieved through accent lashes. Accent lashes are basically lashes for the outer half of your lashes. This is sold separately but you can also cut you normal lashes in half and use them.

Get the look: Eva Longoria at the latino Inaugural 2013

Get the look: Eva Longoria at the latino Inaugural 2013

  • Make sure you go over the lash line with liquid liner after you apply lashes.
  • Once you apply and glue is dried, curl you natural lashes with the fake ones to lend them.
  • Tight line your eyes so that the beginning and end of the lash and isn’t visible.

That’s the look! I love the accent lash concept! Its so much light weight on the eyes yet gives you the glamorous lashes! Hope you try this simple look inspired by Eva longoria and do give me your feedback :)

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  1. Such a gorgeous makeup look. This is perfect. Amazing tutorial!

    Carrieanne x

  2. nice post..very pretty..following u..:)

  3. Love this make-up!!! I'm following u on gfc as u ask me , waiitng for u ;)

  4. I love Eva Longoria!
    Great tutorial, love the lashes :)

    Emily x -

  5. Awesome look loved it very much Jee :)

  6. wow this is gorgeous! love goldy-smoky eyes! great blog :-) xxxx

  7. Lovely post! Thank you for visiting my blog, following you now on Bloglovin and GFC
    Follow back and Lets stay connected,
    Kisses from Miami,

  8. Thanks for visitin my blog. I followed you, and now I'm waiting you folloe me back so then we can share everything about fashion and beauty. Thank you

  9. Very pretty look. I can go for such look anytime.:D

  10. very pretty look..simply you have another trusty roobi

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog! I will follow you on bloglovin' so I hope you do the same!

    And I love this look! :)

    Xx Karen


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