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When should you throw away your makeup?

Hey "BD beauties"!
If you go crazy with makeup and have a huge collection, it’s important that you read this. Collecting makeup is fun but it does get contaminated at one point making it harmful to use later on. All types of makeup don’t have same shelf lives but they somehow do have go into the bin
I have categorised it according to the types of makeup.

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It’s true that foundations these days are costly to purchase but it’s also true the most amount of bacteria habitat it liquid and moist substances. It’s recommended that you throw out your foundation after 12 months preferably. If you don’t use your foundation as much, opt for samples. Also avoid storing foundations in moist areas like your bathroom counters.
If your foundation starts smelling different than how it’s supposed to, even that’s a sign to throw it away.

Mascara’s in my opinion are the products with the shortest shelf lives. The reason being they are most vulnerable to bacteria concerning that mascara wands after use are put back into the formula collecting and depositing bacteria all the way. It’s recommended that they are replaced once in 3 months. Not replacing them could cause itchiness or even sties!

This is the product in my opinion will have the most amount of contamination especially if you have acne prone skin. Concealers are commonly used to cover acne spots etc so contamination is a high possibility. It’s suggested that powder and stick concealer’s be thrown after 2 years and liquid concealers after one.

Face powders
These are the type of products that never seem to finish. It may take 2 or 3 years to do so. You should be careful that if it has ingredients that are water based, their shelf life has to be about a year. However if they don’t have. It could stay for about 2 years.

If you own powder blushes, shelf lives are same ad face powders. However if its cream blushes, it’s preferably 6 to 12 months as creams are water based.

Eye shadows
Although eye shadows are powders, they tend to easily get contaminated as you use them on your eyes. Anything used on your eyes u should definitely e careful about!

These are non water based. Instead they have oil in them its suggested that you replace them every one year or if you had fallen sick recently. Lip-gloss’s have the same amount of shelf lives. However if they smell ad or are dried up, it’s definitely time to throw them away!

If your just confused with all these just keep track with the expire dates on your products.

Hope this helped
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