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How to get thicker/ Longer/ Voluminous hair

How to get thicker/ Longer/ Voluminous hair

Hey “BD beauties”!

How many of you feel like you hair has lost a lot of volume throughout the years and that you need to fix it as soon as possible? Here is a post to let you know how to:

Get volume back into hair
get thicker hair naturally
have thicker hair
get longer hair

grow long hair

So let’s get started girls!

As always avoid heat tools: this includes your blow dryer and any form of heat. If you realise while you straighten you actually pull your hair which breaks down your hair.

Stay away from chemicals on your hair: these include hair dyes, relaxers and bleaches. If you want to colour your hair, try natural versions like henna.

Avoid washing your hair often: although washing your hair means removing oils and making it smell fresh, it’s not always the best deal in terms of nutrition for your hair. The oil produced from your scalp actually moisturises the roots of your hair making it grow longer. It doesn’t mean you avoid hair washing too. You need to space your washes about 3 days apart.

Use cold water when you wash your hair: warm water opens up the cuticles of the hair damaging it while cold water keeps it sealed and makes your hair shiny and frizz free. Cold water also doesn’t irritate your hair growth.

Be careful with your hair products: it’s great if you’re using the right products for the right reasons but sometimes your hair products can be the reason for your hair thinning. Also look for more natural hair products. Macadamia natural oil is a great brand for this purpose. While you select your shampoo go for sulphate free ones.

Everything you wear on your hair matters. If you tie your hair often, use hair bands that don’t have a metal grip also avoid cheap rubber bands since rubber can pull your hair and damage it considerably.



  1. Nice post Jeeshan!! It is very important to use right products!

  2. Me too use cold water. Lovely post Jeeshan!

  3. Great post! Living in a tropical country, I have to wash my hair everyday but I shampoo only thrice a week. I don't skip on hair conditioner though.


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xx Jeeshan

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