Monday, February 4, 2013

15 colour concealer palette review & swatches

Hey guys,

15 color concealer palette

This is going to be a review of the 15 colour concealer/ corrector palette. This palette is available online in a lot of different websites. I believe coastal scents and bh cosmetics have there on too. I came across this on eBay initially and always wanted to get it. And finally i did! But i got it off it was really inexpensive. This palette has a variety of concealer shades from light to dark tones. And also it has 3 colour correctors which are used for different skin tone corrections. It also has a white shimmery colour which i really don’t know the purpose of but personally, i love to use it as an eye base if i want a dramatic shimmery eye look.

My experience with it
I believe that the 15 colour concealer palettes are similar no matter where you get it. But anyway my review is going to be about the palette i got from This is an extremely useful palette if you do make up on others or if you are starting out as a makeup artist. Its also great if you know advance makeup techniques like high lighting and contouring. In my opinion, the consistency is extremely creamy and glides on smooth you wouldn’t need to warm up the product before applying.
15 color concealer palette

 The feel of the product slightly changes once it touches skin somewhat like powder which for me is great! However, the staying power is not that great. It has a medium coverage and would e great if you don’t have a lot of dark flaws to cover up. This has 11 concealer shades, 3 correctors (green, yellow and lavender) and also a pearl highlighter. However i do notice one thing. It seems to have a lot more cool shades rather than warm ones but you could custom mix shades that shouldn’t be an issue what so ever :)

15 color concealer palette

Another important is how it reacted on me! I have oily- combination skin and also acne prone. So this was a great risk. But in the end it didn’t have any bad reaction to it, it didn’t break me out or anything. I can definitely see myself using it a lot and also repurchasing it once i run over!

Application method
Normally for concealers i recommend using your fingers as it’s the best tool! The warmth of your fingers helps lend in the product real well making it natural as possible. But if you do love using brushes, use a synthetic brush and apply it using a patting motion. Don’t ever rub it! Ruing would only remove product rather than depositing!

11 concealers (swatched)

  • It’s creamy and bendable
  • Variety of shades at very cheap price
  • Correctors are a bonus!
  • You can mix and match if your exact shade is not available


  • Packaging would get dirty easily so wipe them down often and don’t store them with powders
  • Not full coverage concealers if that’s your preference

3 correctors and highlight (swatched)

This is just an amazing palette to start off with and fun to play with too. It will e extremely useful if you do a lot of contouring and highlighting about which I’ll talk about in another blog post!

Thank you for reading :)

Have any of you tried this? What’s your feedback on it?


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  1. Wow! That looks like a great buy! I have yet to play around with contouring but I have been wanting too. That is a great palette for people to start out. Thanks for the post! Love ur blog alot :)


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

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