Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to use color correctors?

Hey “BD beauties”!

Ever wondered why those coloured concealers are? Afraid to use them? Once you know what these are and start using them you will realise how flawless your makeup looks! Colour correcting concealers are made to counter act complementary colours so that they neutralise and your concealer appears through to colour.

Now let’s see the complimentary colours!

  • Red and green
  • Blue and orange
  • Yellow and violet

How are these used?
  • Green concealer: This is used for redness or acne, red scars.

  • Orange/ peach toned concealer: Is used for under eye darkness, blue veins and also to brighten up you’re under eye area.

  • Violet concealer: this is great for correcting skin discolouration and pigmentation (this is a great concealer when doing makeup on older women)

How to apply the color corrector

  • Its great if you correct your face before your foundation so start with a well moisturised face and apply a primer
  • Next choose the appropriate corrector and conceal the required areas. Now if you have a large problem to correct such as redness on your cheeks, try a damp beauty blender. However if it’s a small area I recommend a brush like the sigma P80.
  • Let the concealer set before you apply your shade on concealer. (This is where most people go wrong) using your fingers apply your shade of concealer with a dabbing motion.
  • Continue on with your normal foundation routine.

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