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Review: The secret hand cream in petite angel

Hey “BD beauties”!

Today’s review is going to be of the secret hand cream in petite angel. I’m not a hand cream person but I do deep moisturization over night for my extremely dry hands. I feel like hand creams during the day do not do the job as I live in a very humid area. This is not a great product for me but it might be for many of you out there!

Rreview: The secret hand cream in petite angel

$8 for 35ml of product. You can purchase this product HERE

What does the brand tells about this product?

The Secret Petite Angel Hand Cream contains milk extracts and shea butter for soft and supple hands. Protein enriched with vitamin E and panthenol acid to strengthen the nails. Cozy and powdery scent inspired by baby angels.

Rreview: The secret hand cream in petite angel

Rreview: The secret hand cream in petite angel

My experience with this product

First of all let me tell you why hand creams are not a great success in humid conditions; due to the hot climates, usually moisturizers do not stay on as much as we would want them to and thus you would need more frequent applications. In my experience, any creams as such works really well when you have a pair of socks or gloves on.

Scent: this particular variation of the secret hand cream smells of baby powder which fades away completely after 30 minutes or so. Powdery scents sometimes give terrible headaches for me so I kind of preferred that there was an unscented one.
Does it moisturise? I can defiantly feel the moisturization especially from the Shea butter in it. But like I said; frequent application is needed to keep the moisturization going on.
Packaging: the packaging is so darling! I love the light blue tube with the angels on it. However, one thing that I have not liked with hand creams is the twist on cap. I personally prefer the flip lid thing better as its fuss free.

Rreview: The secret hand cream in petite angel

Rreview: The secret hand cream in petite angel

Rreview: The secret hand cream in petite angel

What’s great about this product?
  • Does moisturize well especially during the cold weathers.
  • Durable packaging
  • Scent is nice
  • It’s a Korean brand which is trustable (Korean brands are well known for quality skincare and cosmetics)

What’s not so great about this?
  • Kind of pricey for 35ml of product
  • Doesn’t do much in humid times
  • Personally do not like the twist on cap.

Overall verdict
A great hand cream, with a nice scent, but doesn’t do much in hot weathers. I cannot wait to use it during the cold rainy days!

Hope this review helped your purchasing decisions.

Xoxo Jeeshan

Disclaimer: products sent from company for review purposes. However, my opinions are honest and not biased whatsoever.


  1. love this package of this cream. it´s so cute :)

  2. Que envase tan bonito!!

  3. Great, interesting review!
    Laura. xx

  4. looks very nice!

    - Janine

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  9. great post! now i want that product!

  10. I have to use a good hand cream due to my job, I wash my hands very often.thanks for visiting my blog I don't mind following each other now following via gfc and bloglovin:)

  11. I would buy it just for tha packaging <3 Nice review Jeeshan :)

  12. The packaging is beautiful, its a shame it didnt work out too well for you!


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