Saturday, July 27, 2013

Interesting beauty tips you might not know!

Hey “BD beauties”!

Recently i have been so intrigued in browsing beauty tips and as much as I have learnt a lot blogging, i did find a fair share of really interesting beauty tips. These tips are in the makeup category, skincare, personal hygiene and much more! Of course i wanted to share them with you so here are my amazing/ interesting beauty tips for you!
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  • Wash your hair after doing your shampoo/ conditioner routine with cold water instead of warm as cold water locks your follicles and also make them shine.

  • Using toothpaste on zits as spot treatment reduces their size and also reduces redness around them.

  • Egg yolk is great as a face mask to minimise pores and effective too!

  • DO NOT lick your lips if they are dry, it makes them even more dry. Opt for lip balms.

  • If you want your perfume to last, apply a little it on your hair.

  • Heat your lash curler with a hair dryer and use it to keep your curls longer.

  • To look more awake and avoid tired eye bags, have a few spoons in your freezer and use it on your eye bags to freshen up.

  • Steam your face with boiling water and sea salt for about 15 minutes. This will control your acne.

  • After applying your lipstick suck you thumb and pull it out to remove the lipstick inside your lips and getting onto your teeth.

  • If you have small lips, opt for lighter shades and if you have bigger lips, try darker shades.

  • If you want to fry your nails faster, dip them into cold water and low dry. This will cut down the drying time!

  • Biting the dried parts of your cuticles will make your nail look bigger.

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