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Maybelline Colorsensational Lip gloss in shade Sugared Honey Review and swatches

Maybelline Colorsensational Lip gloss in shade Sugared Honey Review and swatches

Hey “BD beauties”!

This is going to be a review of the Maybelline colorsensational lip gloss in the shade sugared honey no.405 which is a brownish pink shade with fine silver shimmer.

What does Maybelline say about this product?

Fall in love with colour, all over again:
• Sophisticated colour and shine from pure pigments
• Luxurious feel from nourishing honey nectar
• 12 captivating shades

My experience with this product

I’m not a huge lip makeup kind of a girl so I haven’t tried that many lip glosses to be frank. But all I know as basic qualities of a good gloss is that it shouldn’t have heavy shimmers, it shouldn’t be sticky and it shouldn’t be heavy on the lips and I have to say this one is a winner in my books. One of my pet peeves are chunky glitters in lip glosses like this one HERE it makes the gloss feel extremely heavy and once the colour fades off, leaves a gritty annoying texture behind. The Maybelline colorsensational gloss wears off to my normal lips without leaving any residue. One thing I loved is that it very hydrating on the lips it gives me the feeling as though I had on a good chap stick on my lips.

The scent is something I loved about this! I love fruity scents and this one has a very distinct citrus scent to it. However if your one who don’t like this type of scent you can wear it as the scent goes away a few minutes after application. The gloss feels minty on the lips as though it’s a lip plumper as I apply the gloss but it doesn’t last long either.

The packaging of the gloss is a simple sleek tube where you can see the shade clearly. The applicator (which is a standard applicator) closes with a slight snap which lets you know that it’s not going to open up and mess around. The only thing I really didn’t like is how they labelled the product. It’s just a tiny stick at the bottom of the lip gloss which holds all the information which I think is ridiculous it’s so tiny to the extent you might need to hold it up under lights to read.

The longevity of the gloss is standard. I do not see anything exceptional to any other drugstore brands.
The shade no.405 sugared Honey is a lovely brownish pink and suites medium to dark skin tones really well. It’s great to make your nude lipsticks glossy.

What’s great about the Maybelline colour sensational lip gloss in shade sugared honey?

  • It’s not sticky
  • It doesn’t have chunky glitters
  • It has a sleek packaging
  • The shade 405 is a lovely nude for medium skin tones

What’s not so great about the Maybelline colour sensational lip gloss in shade sugared honey?

  • The label is tiny (is no big deal but being a beauty blogger names are important)

Overall verdict

My only con is the label and seriously it isn’t an issue for many people. It is a great lip gloss from the drugstore and I suggest this for makeup artists as this is one of the most comfortable glosses to wear and Maybelline has lovely shades to choose from.

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  1. I like the entire range a lot :) :) Nice review

  2. I am not fan of shimmery glosses, color is beautiful

  3. havent tried these.. looks quite good though :)


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