Thursday, June 27, 2013

Review of the Elf luscious liquid lipstick in the shade ‘cherry tart’

Hey “BD beauties”!

Today’s review is going to be of the elf luscious liquid lipstick in the shade ‘cherry tart’ which I purchased on eBay about a month ago. We all know how great elf products are and liquid lipstick made me want to try it. Read on to know my views on this product :)

What does elf say about this product?
Lip therapy is here! Intensive hydrating agents along with rich pigments leave lips with long-lasting color and moisture. The Luscious Liquid Lipstick creates gorgeous wearable color that flatters a multitude of skin tones and looks.

My experience with this product.

The concept of liquid lipstick really intrigued me so this was very exciting to try. This product cost just $1 on elf’s website and i have to say it’s a great product. In terms of being a liquid lipstick giving the same amount of pigmentation as a lipstick, I don’t think so. It gives out pigmentation a little it more than a gloss but not even close to a lipstick. This particular shade looks plum from the packaging but when applied it looks like a rosy shade of gloss again because of the pigmentation.

The scent of this product appealed to me a lot! It smells minty and particularly reminds me of tic tacs! As well as feels tingly on the lips if you’re not a fan of this feeling you wouldn’t like these as it stays on for quite some time.
The packaging is pretty sleek and sturdy and is in a twist up form which is fun but in terms of practicality, it wastes a lot of product thus you might end up finishing it soon. However, I love the fact that the real shade can be seen through the packaging which makes it easy to pick a shade.
Longevity is comparable to a normal lip gloss and definitely not like elf claims it to be.

What’s great about this product?
  • Has a minty feel and scent
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Cheap as 1 dollar
  • Many colours

What’s not so great
  • Is not a liquid lipstick
  • Doesn’t last like a lipstick

Overall verdict

Even though it doesn’t work as a liquid lipstick, I do love this as a gloss it doesn’t feel sticky and performs better than a normal lip gloss so I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a good gloss. The shade cherry tart can perform as a great everyday shade for work or school!



  1. Yay!! I LOVE the ELF lipsticks! I'm so glad you reviewed them. I agree with you: they have really good staying power for the price and they don't feel like cheap, tacky lipgloss. I have Bark (a tan nude) and Baby Lips (a pinkish nude). They're not opaque enough to give my lips a completely nude look, so sometimes I have to layer them over a lipstick. But now I want to get that Cherry Tart shade!! Good thing it's only a $1.

  2. for 1$ its great and nice packaging ... the texture seems light and glossy a bit.. i should try few ...

  3. Looks like a really nice lipgloss, you're right more a gloss than a lipstick! Really nice colour, will look out for these in the UK! xoxo

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. you can definitely find all these in uk easily :)

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  5. Looks kinda nice.


  6. looks good even though im not a fan of lip products!

    - Janine

  7. That's only $1?!? Crazy! I want to buy one in every color! I like how shiny and glossy it is with a nice touch of pigment. I'm going to have to try it out! : )


  8. I love ELF lip glosses at this shade, Cherry Tart, is my favorite. It makes my lips look juicy :)

  9. wow it fades alot on ur hand .. not expected

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