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20 Uses of Coconut Oil

20 Uses of Coconut Oil

Hey “BD beauties”!

I love trying out DIY’s for beauty with natural products and this is how I came across writing this post. I had previously done the various uses of Vaseline and Olive oil which you can check out as well. Using virgin coconut oil for beauty and skincare can give you endless amounts of benefits the biggest one being that it doesn’t burn your pockets. It’s a multipurpose product and one that you can find for dirt cheap prices!

  1. Did you know it’s great as an energy supplement?
  2. Good quality eye makeup remover for those annoying water proof mascaras
  3. Great to lighten spots including acne scars when applied constantly
  4. Great way to prevent the extensive appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy
  5. Coconut oil has little bit of sunscreen properties! (spf 4)
  6. Great lubricant to give yourself a topical massage
  7. Adds instant shine to your dried ends. Apply a little it onto your ends before styling your hair
  8. Great nigh time moisturizer for face and body
  9. Get rid of rough feet! Apply it generously onto your feet and pop on some socks overnight.
  10. Use as chap stick
  11. Great for a DIY hair mask (mix coconut oil with avocados, apply onto your hair ends and cover your head with a plastic bag and leave on for about 30 minutes before shower. You will thank me ;) )
  12. Use with apple cider vinegar to eliminate lice.
  13. Coconut oil kills parasites in your intestines
  14. Great way to sooth your skin after a painful wax
  15. Speeds up weightloss when consumed daily with your healthy diet
  16. Improves digestion
  17. Whitening toothpaste (use with little bit of baking soda)
  18. Using coconut oil with your hand soap actually moisturises your hands after a clean wash
  19. Use with sugar for a great body scrub
  20. Use as a shaving cream (shaves way better and leaves skin moisturised too)
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  1. Oh my. Now I really want to go and buy coconut oil. <3


  2. i love coconut oil! i use it for my hair and my skin!

  3. Thanks for giving nice info..Find about Coconut Oil Benefits Health tips include hair care, skin care .It Make your body fit and healthy.


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