Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Celebrity FOTD: Lana Del Rey at the UCLA event

Celebrity FOTD: Lana Del Rey at the UCLA event

Hey “BD beauties”!

So this is going to be a Celebrity FOTD post since it’s been a very long time I did one and today I’m going to talk to you about the makeup Lana Del Rey was wearing for UCLA event on March 15th. She went on a mix of casual and dressy with her sneakers and heavy accessories.  I think most of the props to her makeup looks go to her facial structure and she has really structured cheekbones, contoured nose etc. Tutorial on the makeup in the music video Young and beautiful.

It seems as though she went for a light to medium coverage foundation or even a BB cream since I can still see her freckles through but she looks really natural. She has a touch of coral blush on, no highlighter and no contouring too.

Most of the makeup is done on the eyes which are also pretty much neutral which the accent on the eyeliner. She seems to have some champagne eye shadow all over her lids, a matte brow bone highlight and pencil eyeliner on the upper lid. I feel like she has skipped falsies for this look but you can definitely try this look wit natural looking ones with an invisible band.


Very much a MLBB shade on. You can try out one you go for a natural look with. If you’re medium to dusky skin tones you should try my Holy Grail nu*e lipstick Maybelline colorsensational in shade my mahogany and if you’re fair to light try Maybelline colorsensational in shade plaza pink.


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  1. wow her upper lip is very swollen -how many injections did she take?? I dont like her...she seems so mean and fake to me.

  2. Love the naturual look.


  3. I love this woman! she's way hot!



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