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Makeup 101: How to Apply foundation/ Tips on how to get flawless foundation

Makeup 101: How to Apply foundation/ Tips on how to get flawless foundation

Hey “BD beauties”!

Knowing how to get perfect foundation application is a must to a good looking makeup look. You would have experienced yourself that even though you did real good eye makeup, a white ghost like face or dark foundation can definitely spoil your entire look. There are didn’t techniques on how to get flawless foundation application but today I’m going to tell you my tips.

Tips on applying makeup:

  • You should always go for the natural look whenever you are applying your makeup, so your foundation should match the tone of your skin. How do you know if the color of your foundation matches your skin tone? You do this by putting some along your jaw line. A foundation has the perfect color for you if it blends well with your skin, so much that it practically seems that you are not wearing any foundation at all. If the color of your skin changes, go ahead and change the color of your foundation. Also, to know for certain if you are picking the right color of foundation for your skin, always test the foundation under natural light.

  • When applying foundation, just pat the stuff down on your face and then spread it out smoothly with a sponge. Cover your face entirely with foundation, including your eyelids and your lips. Take care not to pull at the skin, especially at the thin skin around the eyes.

  • If the skin is dry, it will only absorb the foundation soon after it was applied. Therefore, make the foundation last longer by applying moisturizer first beforehand. If your face is oily, make sure that your moisturizer is oil-free; also opt for a powder foundation if you have oily skin. Another thing you can do to make the foundation last longer is to set it with loose powder whose color matches the color of the foundation.

  • If you have blemishes that you wish to hide, like pimples or dark spots, smooth a concealer on the blemishes first before putting the foundation on -five-minute makeover. Avoid putting too much powder or color on these areas where the blemishes are in order not to attract the eyes upon them.

  • Makeup in the evening is always brighter and more special - perfect party makeup. For added glamour, blend shimmer powder along with your foundation and apply it to areas on your face that you want the light to shine on to emphasize the best features of your face.

  • Always use products with sunscreen protection. That is a must in order to provide protection for your skin and to keep it from getting damage from ultraviolet exposure.
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