Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Celebrity FOTD: Anushka sharma at nivea's 100 years event

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Celebrity FOTD: Anushka sharma at nivea's 100 years event

This is yet another celebrity FOTD and its Anushka Sharma today! If you ladies didn’t know, nivea recently celebrated their 100 years anniversary of the brand and anushka being the Indian brand ambassador, was present for a press meet with this gorgeous blue flowy dress. Obviously the topic is makeup so let’s look over what she had on. The overall look was an easy going natural look with orange eye shadow on her lids and the attention given to her upper and lower lashes in the most subtle yet giving a fresh touch. She seems to have false lashes on but since there is not much eyeliner, I believe she has a pair with an invisible and thus making it trick you as though they are natural!

Moving on to the rest of her face, her foundation is matched almost perfect but the blush application seems ever so sloppy. It seems as the application is taken far up the cheeks almost under her eye which is such a huge makeup NO NO! Even her lips are as sloppy as her cheeks! I’m pretty sure anyone looking close at this picture can notice that her gloss is applied outside her natural lip contours. It is okay to do so unless your actual contours are camouflaged with concealer and lip liner.

Overall I would say I love her eye makeup but the cheeks and lips just make her entire look funny. Would you agree? What do you think of her makeup girls?
Xoxo Jeeshan

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