Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Celebrity FOTD: Sonam kapoor at Cannes 2012

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Celebrity FOTD: Sonam kapoor at Cannes 2012

This post is going to be a celebrity FOTD of sonam kapoor at the Cannes 2012! I had previously done a segment of Aishwariya rai which you can check HERE. The reason why i chose sonam for this segment is because of how well she sported the red lip! Although I’m not a fan of her face makeup. Well her base looks flawless but her under eye concealer is just too light! Its way too many shades lighter that it over powers the rest of her face. Also her blush is just a wrong selection! She shouldn’t have gone with a baby pink blush as it obviously looks too much with the red lip. A coral shade would compliment the look extremely well! J

As for her eye makeup, it looks neutral with a touch of pink in a settle way. This does go well with the entire look. The reason why I’m so in love with the red lip is because it has warm undertones and has just the right amount of shine in the middle lip! I reckon the lipstick is similar to L’Oreal’s colour riche in ‘intense ruby’

How do you guys like this look?

Disclaimer: Images taken from google images for illustration purposes. I do not own these images. All credits to their rightful owners.

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