Monday, August 5, 2013

Beauty TAG: 5 favourite Lip products

Hey “BD beauties”!

I was recently tagged by two of my fellow bloggers Radha and shikha for the 5 favourite lip products tag but couldn’t do it any sooner being caught up with other stuff but I have it today for you all :) the lipstick drawer in my makeup vanity is the least occupied just because I do not use them as much but i was somehow rather was able to figure out the 5 I use the most! My 5 are mostly nudes and rosy shades as that’s what I love wearing and what seem to look best on me. So let’s get started!

NARS lipstick in sexual healing

This was a lipstick I got with the love thrill set (which btw im giving away a new one as part of my huge giveaway HERE) this is basically what you would describe a frosty nude. It’s defiantly not frosty to the point where its chucky glitters but certainly it didn’t suit me. However I have realised a way to use it and its been doing wonders! I apply this to the middle of my upper lips and it instantly makes it look plump.

Maybelline Colorsensational in no 255 my mahogany (Full review HERE)

This is my favourite nude lipstick ever! I love how moisturizing the colorsensational line lipsticks are, it’s also perfect as it’s the right tone of brown and peach to make it a MLBB. Learn about nude lipsticks HERE.

Maybelline Colorsensational in no 145 plaza pink (Full review HERE)

This is the mauve tone of nude lipstick which is also one that can make into being the perfect nude right after the previous one I mentioned. This would be perfect for the fair ladies out there.

Revlon Matte lipstick in fabulous fig

Matte lipsticks are my absolute finish for lipsticks and the Revlon matte line is just perfect for satisfying my thirst for such lipsticks. I love how these lipsticks are formulated and the colours they have. This is more of a maroon which typically might seem old lady – ish but I love to mix this is with other lip shades.

Wet n wild lipstick in Rose bud

I got this lipstick online after all the great reviews on these lipsticks. As i mentioned earlier rosy shades are my next favourite to nudes so this was the perfect rosy shade you would want. It’s such a beautiful colour and will go well with any makeup look you have on. This could also be nudes for girls with lighter skin tones. I’m really pumped to try few more shades from this line.

So there you go! My favourite lip products tag. Since I’m a lot late for putting up this tag and most of my lovely blogger friends have already done it, I’m going to tag all of you reading this post to do the ‘5 Favourite lip products tag’

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