Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Favourites 2013!

Hey “BD beauties”!

First of all sorry for not putting a post up yesterday but today is my Monthly favourites for July 2013! As usual I’m late with this but oh well enjoy this one :) this month I haven’t really experimented with makeup but i have liked a few other stuff. I have also been working out a lot this past few weeks and I have a few from that criteria too!

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120 eye shadow palette from has been my favourite eye shadow product of this month. I just love the pigmentation and the shades in there excited to try more looks with it. And i have a review of this HERE
Natural looking falsies are my catch this month im pretty sure that I have shown these in a previous favourites post but I love to stack these up for a full lash look. Sadly I don’t seem to use any other lash in my collection anymore :(

Razor back tank tops from tmart are what i have been wearing to workout lately. I bought these around last year but i seem to be using them a lot only now, these are really stretchy and comfy for casual wear as well as working out! They also come is really fun colours and I’m sure they are nothing more than $5 each.

My favourite perfume of the month has been dolce and gabbana 3 l'imperatrice i still love my victorias secret body mist in love spell but I have been liking a scent that lingers longer and which is fruity so this is my fave! I have written a review of this HERE

PONDS white beauty face wash deep cleansing facial foam is the facial wash i have been trying out lately i was intrigued by the charcoal powder in it as charcoal is great to absorb oil and impurities. I like how it makes my face feel but nothing dramatic with the breakouts I get.

The face highlighter I have been liking this month is the benefit girl meets pearl liquid highlighter which is kind of a pinky champagne shade and it gives a lovely glow to the cheeks ones for medium skin tone girls. More than the function of the product itself i LOVE the smell. OH MY GOD you guys need to smell this stuff! Its fruity and kind of sweet if you have smelt this and know any perfume similar please leave your comments below!
Favourite nail polish has been Bella from NYX this is the perfect nude for my skin tone and it has a lovely glossy finish too.
As for eye products I have been liking the NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk which I recently reviewed HERE. I love everything about this and I’m interested to try few more shades!

One thing in my vanity which i have not tried before was the stilla smudge stick in starfish which came with the stilla in the garden eyeshadow palette I got from asos. This is the best waterproof eye liner ever! It doesn’t come off with rubbing and this has definitely convinced me to get the black shade.

Favourite lipstick of the month has been the Maybelline colorsenstional lipstick in my mahagony which is my perfect peachy brown nude. Review of Maybelline colorsensational lipsticks – my mahagony.

The couple of items are from ebay. I have been obsessed with the silicone phone covers for Samsung galaxy s4 which you find on ebay. These are soo freaking inexpensive has free shipping and is great quality! Other random thing i have been liking is this silver statement cuff i got from eBay. Its the perfect size fits well and hasn’t faded since I got it. I believe this was about $3



  1. Great post!

  2. love all them :D

  3. Pretty pictures, wouldn't mind trying out the D&G perfume myself!

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