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Makeup Products I regret buying

Makeup Products I regret buying

Hey “BD beauties”!

I try out a lot of products to review on the blog and through my journey I do have quite a hand full of items I really don’t like. A post like this will help you guys know if these products wouldn’t suit you and if you should stay away from them and also the reasons why.

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Bourjois eau de gloss cosmic in sorbet fraise (Review)

The main reasons I didn’t like this is that because it was extremely sticky and also had chunks of glitter in the product that would stay behind once the gloss wore off. It was extremely uncomfortable wearing this.

Elf baked blush in rich rose

The elf baked blush is an eye candy to look at but doesn’t work at all as a blush. It’s just too light to show up and stay on. Even for the lightest complexion, I wouldn’t recommend. It works well as an everyday highlighter though for medium to dark skin tones. Thank god I found a way to use it :)

Elf essential lipstick in seductive (Review)

I like the shade, it’s a very neutral everyday shade but the formulation is too sheer to be a lipstick in my opinion. If you guys like sheer lipsticks, this would be great for you. It does get opaque once you build it up but doesn’t stay long for even an hour.

Revlon age defying spa foundation in medium (Review)

I believe that at the time I reviewed, it was an okay foundation from light to medium coverage but the formulation got very oily and separating once the days passed. Its total crap right now until I find a way to use it up.

Revlon colorburst lacquer balm in tease (Review)

This keeps lips moisturized and is a nice shade but opposed to the matte balms, this is a total waste of time. I love pigmented lip products and this was too sheer for me.

Maybelline baby lips in oh so orange

I believe it was in some neon collection and I hated this. These started drying out my lips instead of moisturizing them. Did anyone else notice that?

Jordana Fine liner eye liner

I hated the tip of this applicator and also the formula. Too liquidy for my liking.

Jordana eye primer (Review)

I liked everything about this product except for the fact that its bit drying. It exaggerates the dry part of your eye lids and makes application really annoying. Not a fan.

What are your products that you regret buying? Comment below :)

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