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Review and swatches: Revlon age defying spa foundation in the shade 006 medium

Hey “BD beauties”!

Before i start off with today’s review I hope all you have entered for my NYX nail polish giveaway which is opened international if you haven’t click HERE  for the giveaway post. I was recently into the rage of finding new foundations rather than sticking onto my Revlon colorstaty and i purchased the Revlon age defying spa foundation in the shade 006 medium. Read on to know my views on it!

What does Revlon say about this product?

 • Instantly revitalizes and brightens skin and protects against fine lines
• Stone Therapy minerals help energize stressed skin. Vitamin C fusion brightens
• Anti-oxidants and SPF 18 strengthen skins natural defense systems

Costs $4.99 for 30ml spf product HERE.

My experience with this product

I bought this product thinking it was a sheer to medium coverage foundation but according to my preference, it’s too sheer. Me a being a person having acne scars, this wasn’t a best option on its own. The product reminds of a typical BB cream with its sheer coverage and dewy finish. I also believe it has anti ageing properties thus the name of the foundation! As for the scent, I can say it smells like foundation: P nothing weird but more of a toned down smell of the Revlon colorstay liquid foundation. It’s definitely bearable.

When you look through the claims of this product, you can notice that all of them are catered to ageing skin or skin that need to be protected that is a modern woman’s skin. As we know the environment these days isn’t the clean one that used to be, u literally cannot get fresh air when you’re outside and your skin is what’s bearing most of the damage. This product does have an SPF of 18 but personally i don’t think it’s enough if you’re wearing this during the day. You should have applied your sunscreen prior to this.
As for product longevity, I can say the product lasts the same as applied for about 2 hours concerning that I have oily combination skin and that it’s a product with dewy finish, you would need to set your makeup with powder on areas where you get oily. I also highly recommend girls with oily skin to have a face primer on prior to applying this as it might lose coverage too.

This product doesn’t come with a ton of colours and undertones rather it goes into the categorization of fair, light, light/medium, medium etc so if you’re lucky you find a perfect match :)
One thing that I’m sure anyone owning this product or have just seen it would agree is the terrible packaging. The product comes through a brush applicator which is the most unsanitary way of having makeup! I guess there thought with this packaging is to make is easy and convenient to apply makeup on the go rather than having to get hold of a foundation rush or something. Epic fail here Revlon! It’s just annoying and a lot of product does get stuck in between the bristles which will get contaminated easily. Other than that I would recommend this as a good foundation for sheer coverage. But please if you have extreme acne like cystic, avoid any makeup that’s unsanitary, try products with a squeeze out tube.

What’s great about his product?
  • Dewy finish (great for dry skin beauties)
  • Has anti ageing properties
  • Has spf of 18

What’s not so great?
  • Unsanitary packaging
  • Sheer coverage (not great for problematic skin)
  • Not a huge variety of shades

Overall verdict

A great product for sheer foundation with great skincare benefits including spf. A good product to be used as how a BB cream would be used. I would recommend this for dried skin beauties but if you’re oily I would recommend you use a primer and a setting powder too! If you’re relying on this product for spf, generally it’s not sufficient, you would need a sunscreen below this. This product costs jus $4.99 on which isn’t a ton of money compared to the BB creams that are out there.

Have you tried anything from the Age defying spa range? Comment below

Xoxo Jeeshan


  1. Thanks for the in-depth review! I agree with you about the brush applicator. It is really unhygenic.

    Btw, if you have the time, please check out my giveaway (:

  2. Interesting..the applicator though makes me worried...but I have dry skin, so I might look into it!

  3. nice post darling!
    I'll waiting for you dear!
    Have a MAGIC DAY!
    Kisses from CAPUT MUNDI(Rome)!

  4. Nice and detailed review Jees :)

  5. Looks kinda handy!


  6. Brilliant review im with you on the brush applicator prefer to use my own clean brush

    Carrieanne x

  7. Nice review Jeeshan <3 Although i too have acne but still i love using sheer coverage foundations!

  8. Awesome review with Clear pics :) Loved it

  9. I have oily skin but I like that brush applicator. The packaging kind of reminds me of Revlon skin light illuminator.:)

  10. Magnificent My mom definitely love this! I just want to ask U plz suggest me Good foundation my skin is combination+oily & i am a shimmery girl love golden undertones makeup.Thank You Loved all ur reviews and love to spend my time in ur Blog :)


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

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