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Jordana Eye Primer/ Eye shadow base Review, Swatches and Photos

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Today’s review is going to be of the Jordana eye primer/ eye shadow base. This product comes in only one shade which is a pink undertone skin base. It has 1.86g of product and can be bought HERE for only $1.99

Jordana Eye Primer/ Eye shadow base Review, Swatches and Photos

What does Jordana say about this product?

• Brightens & Illuminates
• Extends Eyeshadow Wear
• Dual Purpose, use as a Base & Highlighter
• Made in USA

My experience with this product

Recently I have found a couple of great drugstore eye shadow primers like the Elf eyelid primer and the NYX eye shadow base in skin tone. So because of that I kind of did have high expectations on this one although it costs just $1.99. The product is packaged in Jordana’s signature twist up packaging just like their eye shadows, brow powders and blushes this could be convenient and durable for some people but I kind of dread this twist up situation especially if I’m in a rush and it’s a must to carefully close your cream products.

Although the packaging isn’t my favourite, I have to say the product itself is pretty great for 1.99. The texture of this product is kind of dry compared to most primers but once it comes in contact with the warmth of your finger tips, it does get a little less dry thus it’s important that you use this product with your fingers rather than a brush. the feel of it reminds me a lot of the elf eyelid primer it has a velvet like smooth feel once you apply and it does apply evenly too.

The moment you might go wrong or find this product not working for you is when you apply too much. This should apply to apply primer you use since too much product will make room for creasing. Although the product has a strong pink undertone doesn’t mean girls with a yellow undertone can’t use it since the product doesn’t transfer much colour and since your eye shadows will eventually cover up the primer.
The eye makeup when applied over this primer lasts until I remove it off. I do not find creasing with this primer beneath (please note I do not have oily lids)

What’s great about the Jordana eye primer?

  • Does work well as a good primer
  • Makes eye shadows lasts long until you remove it off
  • Makes eye shadow really vibrant

What’s not so great about the Jordana eye primer?

  • Not a convenient packaging

Overall verdict

I highly recommend this product! Like seriously it’s just $1.99 great for a starter. Since the consistency is drier it would work really well for girls with oily lids as well.



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