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September favourites: Beauty and Non beauty

September favourites: Beauty and Non beauty

Hey “BD beauties”!

This is going to e a post about my favourites this past month and let me warn you there isn’t much makeup products to start with. This past month has been lot calm in terms of testing products and I have been avoiding using makeup as much as possible since I’m on my acne medication. Let’s jump right in!

Clarisonic Gentle gel cleanser: I got this sample size with my Clarisonic Mia 2 and have been trying this just to see what it’s all about especially since the full size is pretty expensive. It turns out to be a great product in coordination with my acne medication. It doesn’t do anything special though.

Victoria Secret Body mist in Love spell : I have been putting off strong perfumes this month. It just seems to give me a headache even the fruity ones I adore. I love how the scent is settling but doesn’t fade off completely.

Darker nail polish shades: the ones I have shown here are from the NYX Living the dream nail polish set but generally darker nail polishes are what I seem to e in the mood for. See my latest NOTD HERE.

Stila Smudge stick in shade starfish: this is the most long lasting smudge proof eyeliner I have ever used in my life and I finally got around to using this past month and have been in love. I get sick of how many eye liners smudge away during the course of the day and I find this one stays put just as you apply. I’m eager to try the black shade from this line.

L’Oreal lip liner in shade forever rose REVIEW): this is what I have been wearing if I want a low maintenance lip. This looks extremely natural on the lips.

ELF mineral infused mascara and Clinique high impact mascara (REVIEW): I have been loving this combo for a full fake lash kind of effect. The elf mascara is great to lengthen and separates and the Clinique one is great to give volume.

Blue gem statement necklace: this necklace looks wonderful when paired with a plain white button up.
Fun coloured fine tip pens from eBay: I have started preparing for my exams that is to happen in November and part of studying for me is using right colours for short notes it really makes a difference and these were a set of 6 I got on eBay for $5 I guess one is missing in the picture :)

ISOTREXIN GEL: This is a prescription gel that my dermatologist gave me for my acne and let me tell you guys this did wonders for my skin. I started using this thing along with my clarisonic mia 2 and have made a huge difference in my skin. More about this in a future post!

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  1. Oh the gel sounds really great!! I look forward to it..

  2. Awesome hual cant wait for their review :) <3

  3. I loved that statement necklace.:)

  4. the necklace n nail paints
    My rwcent :

  5. Very nice nail polishes!!

  6. Necklace is just wow. Loved everything Jeesh!

  7. I heard a lot of positive things about Victoria secret lotions and perfume.



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