Sunday, October 6, 2013

Website Introduction: / Innisfree It's Real face mask Cucumber and Tea tree

Website Introduction/ Review: / Innisfree It's Real face mask Cucumber and Tea tree

Hey “BD beauties”!

Today im going to introduce to you a company called MOOTTA ( is a Korean company which caters clothing, accessories and beauty items to the rest of the world. they ship worldwide with standard and express options whichever you choose for yourself. I got sent couple of face masks for review and I have to say they arrived super fast for standard shipping and was packaged really well (you can see in the photos below). Lets move onto the review :)

Innisfree its real face mask in tea tree

I tried the tea tree face mask so this is going to be a review on my experience with this particular variant. I choose tea tree because I love how beneficial it is for acne prone skin and how it actually soothes the skin and controls acne. These masks are filled with the serums and not dried at all. They were actually soaked which I found really good. I didn’t feel any sort of tingle as I put it on and was very comfortable wearing it. I kept it on for about 30 minutes and took it off. Once I was done I massaged the remaining serum onto my skin and let it dry.
Next morning I realised that the few spots I had were already minimized and were not red. I defiantly feel like the tea tree version is great to pamper your skin especially if your acne prone :)

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  1. I recently get to know about this brand as I was invited for an event taking place in my city which is on this korean brand only.
    happy sunday!! :)

  2. The site sounds interesting!! :) I love sheet masks a lot... Nice review !!

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