Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review of 12 colour Eye shadow shimmers from Born pretty store

 Hey “BD beauties”!

So today I’m reviewing this 12 piece pigment/ glitter set from born pretty store which you can get HERE for $6.59. This set has 6 pigments and 6 glitters of cosmetic grade.

What does the company say?
12 colors Eyeshadow: Blue, Purple, Blakc, Glitter Purple, Coffee Brown, Pink, Glitter Black, Orange, Glitter Orange, Glitter Green, Shiny Green, Aqua.
100% brand new.
Very good quality, low price!
Easy to apply on your eyelid; choose the colourful eye shadow to be a party queen! *^_^*
Diameter of each box: 3cm
6 powder + 6 glitters

My experience with this product

I was excited to try these for the glitter as I have never used glitter on my eye looks and it seems really fun to work with. I have tried one from this set which is a turquoise like blue and it was lovely! It felt extremely comfortable on the eyelids and wore a long time. I used my ardell lash grip to apply it and it held up well
I suggest using a synthetic brush as it’s easier to do that way and doesn’t harm your brush. To remove it, you just need to use your normal eye makeup remover. The one complaint I have with these are the packaging. It’s a small pot with screw on lid and very easy for the product to spill. I wish it had a sifter to bring a little product to the surface. The pigments are a hit or miss and I find the darker shades are the ones most pigmented but for the price I don’t mind that at all. The shades in this set are really pretty and very friendly for the upcoming season.

I do have an eye look coming up using a glitter from this set so watch out for that :)

What’s great about this product?
  • Great price point for 6 glitters and 6 pigments
  • Fairly decent quality
  • Glitters don’t feel gritty on the lids
  • Stays on for a good amount of time

What’s not so great?
  • Lighter pigment shades aren’t pigmented

Overall verdict

I suggest you go for it if you’re eyeing the glitters of dark shades of pigment. It’s a great kit with variety for beginner’s interms of glitter. Works lovely with eye lash glue which makes me so happy so that I don’t have to buy glue extra for it.

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  1. very nice shades


  2. Very pretty glitters Jeeshan. Would love to see your EOTDs with these :)

  3. The shades are simply gorgeous and wow!!

  4. Nice shades. The pigment looks okay.


  5. wow these looks so lovely! nice review;)

  6. All the shades are lovely. I love born pretty store♥

  7. I saw these on their shop as well. They are really good and can be used for dramatic eye makeup and the glitters can be used even for nail art!:)


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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