Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tutorial: Day time smokey eye look

Hey “BD beauties”!

First of all sorry for being missing on my blog past few days was down with a cold but getting better now so I’m back to writing :D Also I do have another great announcement for another giveaway coming up so stay tuned for that. Today’s tutorial is a soft Smokey eye for day time! As much as there are girls who like to keep it light, there are still a few girls who want the sultry look for day time too! The key to achieve such a look for day is to use minimal shimmer and avoid harsh lines such as using liquid liner and having lines smudged to perfection! Enjoy the tutorial :)

Step 1
Use an eye primer and apply a grey cream shadow or smudge black kohl feathering it as much as possible this is to give a deep base.

Step 2
Use a plumy brown shade and apply it all over the lid area. This shadow has a pearl finish to it. However, you can keep your entire look matte too. This brown shade is from the 28 neutral palette.

Step 3
Using a fluffy blending brush and picking up a medium brown shade, blend the harsh edges at the crease, spend most of your time here as I told you key to a day time Smokey eye is smudged, soft lines.

Step 4
Line your lower lash line with a rich kohl and smudge it with the same shade we used for the lids and smoke it out.

Step 5
Line your upper lash line with the same kohl and smudge this with a matte black shadow.

Step 6
Highlight your brow bone with a cream shadow

Step 7
Apply falsies. Here i have stacked two pairs of really natural looking lashes that showed in my may favourites.

Step 8
Apply mascara to your upper and lower lash line. I have used circle lenses from the brand Neo vision from an online store called KPOP2 review of these will be coming up soon!

So that’s it girls! This is definitely appropriate for day time and if you feel that you need to tone t down further go with a nude- pink lip and earth toned blush :)

Xoxo Jeeshan


  1. So cute!
    I am waiting for you in this sunny day Rome!!


  2. wow that´s perfect!!

  3. lovely! you have beautiful eyes :) :)

  4. Lovely and mesmerizing look Jees :)

  5. Great tutorial! I will definitely try this look!

    Your blog is fab! Following you!


  6. wow....very nice tutorial..very easy and simple for beginners <3 it


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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