Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tutorial: Princess Jasmine inspired makeup

Hey “BD beauties”!

Hope you’ll are having a great weekend and I also hope all of you have entered for my NYX nail polish set giveaway. While looking through inspiration for eye makeup, I came across a picture of princess Jasmine from Aladdin and then it hit my mind that even cartoon characters are drawn with makeup: P this is just my version of princess jasmine. All i could think of was turquoise and bold winged liner so here is my tutorial :)

Step 1
Prime your lids and use an eye base which is close to your skin tone, if you don’t have any, use your concealer to cover up any pigmentation you may have. Smoke out black kohl on the outer V of your eyes bringing it to the inner crease slightly.

Step 2
Apply a bold silver eye shadow to the area you haven’t applied the kohl

Step 3
Using a dense blending brush, sweep in a darker greenish blue onto the crease, this is going to be your transition shade. I have used CUICU single e/s in indigo blue which i reviewed HERE.

Step 4
Picking up a bright turquoise shade, I’m placing it on the crease and also the area I have applied the black kohl.

Step 5
To blend the lid colour and the turquoise colour, I’m using a sea green shade, this gives gradient for the entire look!

Step 6
This is the time to blend all the colours; I’m using a fluffy dome brush from NARS (no 13) and blending the crease area really well.

Step 7
Line your waterline with a white pencil. I’m using NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk.

Step 8
Smudge a little bit of kohl on the outer lower lash line with the same blue we used for the crease.

Step 9
Draw a thick wing with a flick at the inner and outer corners of the eye. Don’t extend the flick too far. Finish off the look with falsies!

This is definitely a costume makeup, but this is very similar to Arabic makeup. This can also be a bridal makeup look if you attire is of any shade of turquoise.
Hope you enjoyed this look!
Xoxo Jeeshan


  1. this is so adorable and wow yu have done it lovely and osm :)

  2. NO WORDS! The look is stunning :) :) Btw, I love PJ sooooooo much... She looks very beautiful

  3. beautiful!!

    - Janine

  4. Wow this is so classic n pretty. Lovely look Jeeshan :)

  5. I loved the first picture. Its fantastic Jeeshan .<3 <3
    You did a great job:)

  6. This look is fantastic.. You have very pretty eyes!

    Just followed your blog. Please do check out my blog and feel free to follow back..

    Have a great day.

    That Sassy Girl
    That Sassy Girl on Bloglovin

  7. OMG I got stunned by this look Jees you are a pro in Eye makeup no doubt :)

  8. nice shades selection and I always loved super big playful eyes of jasmine... you replicate it beautifully

  9. I am in love with this make up look. It is beautiful,
    xoxo Nika

  10. Beautiful!

  11. I love, love, love this tutorial! This look is so beutiful! I just found your blog by accident and I'm so glad I did. You are so lovely and your tutorials are the most detailed I have ever seen. Keep sharing with us! Your blog is THE BEST!!!! <3


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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