Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tutorial: exotic arabic eye look

Hello ladies!

Today I’m coming to you with an eye makeup tutorial and this is inspiration from the Middle East! Middle Eastern makeup or Arabic makeup is my MOST FAVOURITE type of look. I just love how the focus is on the eyes while rest of the face is kept minimal! Today’s tutorial is not a complicated one ut very simple to follow and understand. The main points are to place the products on the right place. This is a softer version of the cut crease look! So let’s get started!

What you would need
  • A shimmery champagne shade
  • A dark black kohl pencil
  • A shimmery nude shade
  • A black eye shadow
  • A matte dark brown shade
  • Black liner
  • Mascara
  • False lashes

Step 1

Apply your makeup base or primer since it’s a pretty heavy look, this is a definite must!

Step 2

Trace just like shown in the picture above with your kohl pencil. Make sure you track exactly the same way. Don’t worry if you have a shaky hand.
Step 3

Apply the shimmery champagne shade wet all over your lids as in the picture
Step 4

bLend those harsh lines from the kohl application with a blending brush with some of that black shadow. If your going for the cut crease look, don’t lend them as much as i have.
Step 5

Apply kohl to your lower lashes line and smudge it with a little bit of the black eye shadow.
Step 6

Pick a little bit of the brown shade on a fluffy blending brush and go over the crease with a soft hand that the lack fades into a brown
Step 7

Highlight your brow bone with that shimmery nude colour; shimmery brown one is something i have found very common with Arabic eye makeup.
Step 8

Apply liner to your upper lashline. Make sure the liner is extreme black
Step 9

Apply mascara and pop in those falsies! I love how false lashes go with dramatic looks and this is no exception.

That’s it. Hope this step by step tutorial was helpful for you girls and keep in mind this is as basic that Arabic looks can get. There are defiantly more complicated ones as well which I will do some time later.
Hope you give this a try J

Xoxo Jeeshan

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  1. Wow, you are soooo talented at makeup and nail design! what will a girl do in her free time.. paint nails and try sum new makeup :-D... Looks good.. I also keep on trying these soon..You did a grt job keep posting and give us some more tutorials ... ur tutorial really helpful... Looks amazing!!!


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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