Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tutorial: Dramatic nightime Arabic look

Hey “BD beauties”!

Looking back at my post, I realise that it has been a while since I did an eye look and I kind of miss them too so I’m back with one and this time it’s real dramatic ;) I love experimenting with shades and techniques and Arabic looks give you a lot of room for that! Today I have tried a dramatic night time Arabic look with shades from the family of purples! If you have brown or hazel eyes, purple is the best complimenting shade for you to make your eyes pop. Enjoy the tutorial :)

Step 1
Prime the lids as usual and lend it a wash of berry into the crease, this will be your transition shade making the lending process easier later on.

Step 2
Stick on some tape on your outer corner, connecting with your lower lash line (make sure you don’t stick on your lashes). Trace a line with black kohl and flick it straight from the V as in the picture.

Step 3
Blend the kohl inwards feathering gout the colour.

Step 4
Pick up a dark purple shade and apply it onto the areas you have applied the kohl, the kohl underneath will give this purple more depth.

Step 5
Apply a shade lighter purple right after the darkest purple and an even more light one close to the inner corner.

Step 6
At the inner corner, apply a light lilac shade. This will be your tear duct highlight.

Step 7
Highlight your brow bone with a light champagne shade

Step 8
This step is all about blending, blend the most at the outer corners where the darker shades where places and feather inwards. Also lend in between the shades of purples.

Step 9
Remove the tape and Tight line and line your waterline and also line your lower lash line and upper lash line with a sharp flick on either corners as in the picture

Step 10
Draw another flick connecting the lower lash line as in the picture

Step 11
Trace in some concealer on the edges of the lines to make them appear sharp.

Step 12
Load up the mascara especially in the lower lash line and place your fake lashes. I’m using lashes that are longer at the ends.

More pictures!


This look took me the longest of all looks concerning all the little details, i would suggest you spend most of your time in drawing precise lines especially the flick at the ends it really does pull the look together. Hope you try this look!

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Xoxo Jeeshan

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