Thursday, April 4, 2013

March Favourites: Beauty and non beauty products

Hey “BD beauties”!

The past month has been pretty exciting in terms of products that I have tried and so on. i have noticed that I use many of them quite often than I would even imagine, most of them beauty related. Well obviously almost all the stuff is going to e about makeup right :)

March Favourites

March Favourites

This palette is getting used up like crazy! Many of us girls don’t go dramatic with eye makeuo for just an everyday look it’s just in our instincts. This palette has shimmery as well as mattes, the only complaint i have is that there isn’t a dark matte black which is a shade I go for a lot with neutral looks. You can read my review on this palette here. I bought this palette off of I’m also currently having a giveaway sponsored by this website for a $25 cash coupon. Learn more about the giveaway HERE.

Gel liners

March Favourites

O-M-G! I cannot tell you how obsessed i’am with these stuff cant believe that i didn’t try these before. They make winged eyeliner so much easier and paired with a liquid liner, it gives a lovely rich lack look. This particular one is from the brand flamingo which is an Asian brand. I usually pair it with Elf liquid liner in black. Btw got this for just $0.99 off of ebay!

‘Eye’ eye lash glue

March Favourites

I use fake lashes for almost all of my tutorials and love it. I hadn’t had good lash glue for ages, i use to use glue from Basic care and when I couldn’t find it in the stores anymore, my life was hard literally. I did order an ardell one and I’m so excited to get it. Anyway this one isn’t the best as it is latex based and if you know your falsies, you would probably know what a pain it is to removes the glue from your eye lids. It’s just helping me well for now and thus, it ended up in my fave’s :)

Jordana powder blush in ‘coral sandy beach’

March Favourites

This was my first ever purchase from jordana and the best! This shade is to die for, a lovely peachy pink with gold specs, the gold specs are so tiny, that they give you a glow rather than just having glitter slapped over your face! I would highly recommend you girls try this! Lovely for medium skin tones with olive or warm undertone. I have a review HERE.

March Favourites

This product was raved so much that i recently got it, and have been loving it. T has replaced all the liners i use. It has a lovely thin brush giving you the ability to drawn a thick wing, or a thin car eye liner. The formula is rich lack as well. Overall great product!


March Favourites

I have been working out like crazy this week and this pedometer is kind of a motivating factor! I usually have a brisk walk for about 2 km before stating my workout and this device tells me exactly how many miles and calories burnt in the walk. Great device for those losing weight! :)
So that’s it girls those were all my favourites this past month of March, I know it’s kind of late but better late than never! Will definitely do more of these posts in the coming months also.

Comment below telling me which products are favourites for you! Would love to know J

Xoxo Jeeshan


  1. hey wowuu :) love with neutral eye shadow palette... :P

  2. Great Neutral palette Jeeshan and I agree that Pedometer helps a lot while we are on a weight loss program.:)
    I want to try that Jordana blush soon!

    1. Do try it Niesha! Lovely shade with the perfect glow :)

  3. Love the neutral pallette jeeshan! Love ur pics <3

  4. You have a great blog :)
    I am already following you :)

  5. This palette looks amazing!

  6. you have lots of useful make up reviews here in your blog..:)
    i am following you back now! thanks for visiting my blog!


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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