Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Review and EOTD: 28 neutral eye shadow palette

Hey “BD beauties”!

If you’re following me or subscribed to my blog, you would know that i recently hauled the 28 color neutral eye shadow palette from tmart.com for just $9.99. I love neutrals and guess most people love them as well. This is a great palette that’s portable, cheap and has every shadow you would need for a neutral eye. Read on to know why I love it.

Review and swatches: 28 neutral eye shadow palette

My experience with this product

This palette has a variety of shades may it e warm or cool, you get them all in here. Also the quantity is equal to a Mac shadow that’s a good amount of product. I do no find shades that are 100% matte shades in this palette as there are some small specs of glitter in them.

Pigmentation: in these types of palettes, it’s always a hit or miss with the pigmentation of the colors. I find that almost 90% of the shades are really pigmented and can be applied without the need of a primer. But if you do want it to last long and not crease, I suggest you use one or at least concealer over your lids. However, do not expect the pigmentation of a MAC or Urban decay eye shadow.

Staying power: the staying power is pretty average with a primer on. I never use them without primers so i cannot advice you on that. If you’re wearing this to work, I highly recommend using a primer to increase longevity.

Quality: apart from pigmentation and staying power, the shadows are pretty powdery and chalky. Not to the extent where you have hell loads of fallout but is manageable. If you’re using them wet, i suggest you wet your brush before picking the product to get maximum use.

Portability and durability: concerning the palette as a whole, it’s a great option for makeup artists who are at the beginning of their careers as its slim and has MOST of the shades for a neutral eye. Why i say most is that this palette lacks a matte black which I believe is the most important shade in a neutral eye makeup. Although there is one, it particularly not black but looks more of a grey shade. The palette has a matte plastic casing which would not get dirty quickly. It has durable packaging that shuts firm without being flimsy!

Review and swatches: 28 neutral eye shadow palette

Review and swatches: 28 neutral eye shadow palette

What’s great about the product?
  • Has variety
  • Great durable packaging
  • Most shadows are pigmented with average staying power
  • Good price for 28 shadows of similar quantity as mac shadows

What’s not so great?
  • No matte shades
  • Doesn’t have a pure black
  • Shimmers are more like glitters
  • Has a little fallout because of being powdery
Review and swatches: 28 neutral eye shadow palette

Review and swatches: 28 neutral eye shadow palette

Review and swatches: 28 neutral eye shadow palette

Overall verdict

I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone. It has all the neutrals you would need for such a great price! With decent amount of pigmentation and quantity, you cannot go wrong with this palette! I have included an EOTD of a neutral look using shadows from this palette so that you can see them in action. I’m using elf’s eyelid primer underneath to increase longevity of the shadows. Hope this review helped your purchasing decisions!

Xoxo Jeeshan

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