Thursday, April 4, 2013

Celebrity FOTD: Bipasha basu at Aatma promotions

Hey “BD beauties”!

I feel like it’s been ages since i did a Celebrity FOTD as so todays one is about the look that bipasha basu had on during promotions of her latest film AATMA. I personally don’t like when bipasha goes all traditional but this look was commendable!
Let’s see how to get the look J

Celebrity FOTD: Bipasha basu at Aatma promotions

Start off with a clean slate and use a matte finish foundation. A matte finish is usually catered towards oily skin girls so if you have dry skin, go with the one that suits you well. On her cheeks she has a pretty rosy glow which can e achieved with a dusty rose blush. Bipashas face is already contoured naturally so maybe that’s the reason there isn’t any contouring done. There isn’t any harsh highlighting as well.

Well from the picture, i can only see lashes all over: P all the focus is given to the lashes in terms of volume and length. As for eye shadow, i get pretty much guess its neutral as there is obviously no sight of colour. You can also notice a strong lower lash line probably drawn with a deep black kohl. Her upper lash line is not lined with a liquid liner. Instead its drawn with a black eye shadow and flicked at the end.

To achieve the same lip makeup, use a natural shade of lip liner and a lipstick shade which is a rosy shade with brown undertones and top it off with clear gloss.

Can any of you girls suggest any product names that match what she has on? J if so comment below!
See more pictures of her  from the event below!

Celebrity FOTD: Bipasha basu at Aatma promotions

Celebrity FOTD: Bipasha basu at Aatma promotions

Celebrity FOTD: Bipasha basu at Aatma promotions

Celebrity FOTD: Bipasha basu at Aatma promotions

Xoxo Jeeshan


  1. Nice! I am not much into makeup, so tips like this are useful :)

  2. Great make up tricks. Very insightful.
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    Stephanie xoxo

  3. Nice post Jeeshan. I loved the way you described, how to get the look as close as possible. It was great .:) :) I like her eye makeup here!

    1. Thanks alot Niesha! exactly her eyes are all whats in focus in this look and anyway i think her eyes are naturally pretty :)

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    Now I'm following you.
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  5. She's beautiful! I would love for you to check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other?

  6. Lovely post I love Biphasa very much :)

  7. Nice post Jeeshan but i dont like Bips! Her lashes are looking lovely :)


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