Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tutorial: Bronze smokey eye makeup

Hey “BD beauties”!

I promised a bronze makeup look on my face book page and here I’m with it! This is a dramatic look that can be worn during the night and it falls toward the neutral – dramatic category so if your one who love your neutrals, this would be great. The steps in this look are also pretty simple and easy to achieve. So let’s get started!

Tutorial: Bronze smokey eye makeup

What you would need
  • Black kohl pencil
  • 3 shades of eye shadows as shown in the picture below
  • Mascara
  • False lashes

Tutorial: Bronze smokey eye makeup

Step 1 apply the kohl on the outer corners of the eye creating almost a cat eye shape. You don’t have to be extra precise with this as we will e lending it anyway.

Step 2 slightly soften the edges where you applied the kohl. Don’t drag it too far as this is supposed to stay only within the outer V.

Step 3 using a flat shader brush, pack on the bronze shade all over the lid also on top of the areas we applied the kohl. You will now notice the there is transition from bronze to lack over your lid.

Step 4 pick up the brown shade on a blending brush and lend away the edges softly. Use a light hand and a smaller lending brush to blend away the harsh lines as we want the colour concentrated on the crease.

Step 5 highlight your brow bone with a matte nude shade to lift your brows.

Step 6 apply mascara and also apply khol to your lower lash line and lend it with a little bit of the bronze shade.

Step 7 pop in your falsies! I haven’t used any liner on my upper lash line as it would get lost in-between the dark colours anyway.

Step 8 I always curl my natural lashes with the fake ones to make them look as one.

Hope you like this look and try it out! J
Xoxo Jeeshan

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