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Review: Basic care face brush

Hey “BD beauties”!

Have any of you ladies tried face brushes? There is a huge hype for the clarisonic but it cost a whooping $200 which makes me hesitate a lot. Although it’s supposed to be a great product for making your skin free from scars etc. but anyhow, this is how I ended up purchasing this face brush from basic care. I did a lot of research on the clarisonic and most of them recommended a facial brush as a cheaper alternative. Basic care is a rand that can be found easily in srilanka, India and other Asian countries. It’s a brand that caters more towards makeup tools and accessories rather than makeup products itself. I have purchased lashes from them quite a lot and will definitely review them for you at a later date. On an entire note, I would say that this particular face brush from basic care is a skin care must have. Read on to know why :)

Review: Basic care face brush

My experience with it

I was able to easily find mine from my local beauty store, glamours for just 450 srilankan rupees. It comes with a plastic cap and is well packages. It also comes with a headband to wear when cleansing your face.
I started using it after washing mine with warm water just like I do with any other tools i use on my face. I use it with my garnier light face wash and sometimes I switch it up with a creamier cleanser depending on whether my skin is more dry or oily.

If I had to tell you in a nutshell about how it changed my skin, I would say it reduces dry skin, uneven skin tone and makes your face feel smoother and give you that ‘clean feeling’. I know it might not seem much depending on the fact that I told it’s a skincare must have but it also does one other important thing. Using a face brush either manual or electronic is supposed to deep clean your pores thus clearing out any build up and dirt that may have not been removed if washed by hand. Having your pores cleared means the rest of your skin care routine penetrates your skin more than before thus shoeing you results!

Review: Basic care face brush

I had a certain time when I used a harsh acne product on my skin and it left my face extremely dry and scaly and this brush was just the angel from heaven! I used this brush in conjunction with a creamy cleansing lotion , moving at a slow pace and cleaning for about 2 to 3 minutes and it literally moistened, and removed the dry skin sitting on top without any pain or hassle!
However, it doesn’t do much with acne or oily skin as it’s just a tool rather than a substance.

Review: Basic care face brush

How I use it

First, I wash my face with a gentle face wash and then I slather the cleanser all over my face and also a little bit on the face brush. As I told above, I use a light hand and move the brush with a light hand for about 2 minutes. Afterwards, I wash off all the cleanser and pat dry my face and tone it with an alcohol free toner and wrap my routine up with my moisturizer. I use this twice a day obviously morning and evening.
Once a week, I soak the brush head in warm water for about 5 to 10 minutes to kill any bacteria.

What’s great about the product?
  • Removes dead skin cells effectively
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Gives a deep clean
  • Helps removes face makeup effectively

What’s not so great about this product?
  • Does not help with acne, acne scarring or oily skin
Review: Basic care face brush

Overall verdict
I definitely recommend this product to anyone! Whatever skin type you may have, this will definitely help you. However, if you have severe acne, I recommend you use a really light hand. If you’re yet skeptical, I would yet tell you to go ahead concerning the price! 

xoxo Jeeshan


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