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How to choose a blush shade for your skin tone

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This article is going to be about choosing the right blush colour for your skin tone. Blusher is one part of our makeup that we don’t think too much about and you might even have just one blush shade which is perfectly fine. When choosing the right blush shade, it’s important to take into consideration, your skin colour AND skin undertone.

Fair skin

Shades that compliment fair skin

If you’re pale, very well prone to freckles and sun burns, you fall in this category. Blush is an important makeup product for you girls as this will defiantly perk up your looks. If you should also be the one most careful with the application as every bit of colour will show really sharp on such skin tones. So make sure you tap off the excess from your blush brush and start from the lower apples of your cheeks and lend backwards. If you have applied too much, lend with your foundation brush. The correct shades for you are bright pinks, rosy shades etc. use a very light hand with bright pinks.

Medium skin

Shades that compliment medium skin tones

This is the most common tone as well as the most versatile. I myself have medium skin tone with warm undertones and i can definitely help you allot. I think peach shades are the most appealing on such skin tones. However, you can also go pink but something more rosy rather than bright pinks.
Same application method just like I told above, tap off the excess from the rush before application.

Dark skin

Shades that compliment dark skin tones

Alright now its time for you lovely tan ladies. For you girls it should be rosy pinks, berry shades and deeper tones of peaches. Do not use lighter colours as that would just look ashy and not good. Choosing a shade that extremely pigmented but not right will make your blush seamless. Application methods is exactly the same as I told above.

The shades i have swatched above are all from the 10 colour blush palette REVIEW HERE and 6 colour blush palette REVIEW HERE

There you go girls. Choosing the shade of blush that well suites you will compliment your entire makeup look as whole instead of making you look like a clown or just ashy. Hope this helped.

Xoxo Jeeshan

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