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6 Color Makeup Cosmetic Blush Palette review & swatches

Hey everyone!
This is going to be a review of the 6 colour blusher palette that i received recently. I have always eyed this palette particularly for the dark brown shade which seems perfect to be a contour for my skin tone! All though it’s called a blusher palette, not all of it is blushes. 2 of them are blushes and there is one contour shade, a peachy powder, a yellow toned powder and a white powder. You can purchase it here. 

6 Color Makeup Cosmetic Blush Palette

My experience with it

The palette is extremely useful particularly the two blushes and the contour shade. Let me narrow down my experience for detail understanding of this product.

Pigmentation: the powders are extremely pigmented! I can’t tell enough about how happy I was looking at the quality. Since the blush is so pigmented, a little goes a long way. Thus this product will last a long time!

Lasting power: I have tried the blushes and contour shade on me and they lasted for long surprisingly! They didn’t get blotchy or uneven throughout the day which is great. I also didn’t find the need to reapply my blush.

Blend ability: when it comes to blush, it’s important that its able to lend effortlessly with the base. This avoids patchy colours and uneven application! The blushes in this palette achieve them very well!

Usefulness: I can definitely see myself reaching for this palette a lot! I have been on a hunt for a dark matte brown shade that has neutral undertones and this fit the bill perfect. Even the blushes are pretty practical! If I were to describe the shades, one is a gorgeous rosy blush which is a natural lush shade that will go with any look and suits every skin tone! The other is a light berry shade which is very close to the rosy one and is suitable for any skin tone as well! However, I haven’t found a use for the ether 3 shades in this palette I believe I can use the peachy shade under the eye to counter act the dark eye bags and yellow shade to brighten under the eye.

6 Color Makeup Cosmetic Blush Palette

Portability & packaging: guys I can’t stress enough of how sleek and portable this palette is! The only trouble is that it doesn’t have a mirror. Its great if you’re a makeup artist you have a little it of variety. The palette is a sleek matte finish one. It does get dirty a little it can’t deny that you will have to wipe it down often. The palette opens and shuts firmly and doesn’t create any issues opening up and creating a mess.

Product quantity: the pans in this palette are huge. Just about the size of my palm. For the price, this is more than what you could ever ask for!

6 Color Makeup Cosmetic Blush Palette

What’s great about this product?

Pigmentation is great
The product lasts on skin for pretty long without having to re apply
All shades are matte 100%
Packaging is not bulky or flimsy opens and shuts firm

6 Color Makeup Cosmetic Blush Palette INGREDIENTS

What’s not so great?

The white, peachy and yellow powders won’t be used as much
You might have to wipe down your palette often as it gets dirty

6 Color Makeup Cosmetic Blush Palette SWATCHES

6 Color Makeup Cosmetic Blush Palette SWATCHES AFTER 5 HOURS

Would i recommend it for anybody to purchase?
HECK YEAH! If you have the same skin tone as mine which is a medium then the contour would be perfect along with the blushes. If you are a beginning makeup artist, this might be useful for you if your clients are only medium to dark skin toned!
So that’s my review on this particular palette! I hope you find this interesting and useful. If you were eying this palette, i recommend you go for it!


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