Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to make your makeup last longer?

Hey BD beauties!

1  Have you ever had issues where you makeup would almost melt away throughout the day? If you’re at an event and you just wished your blush or lipstick would stay put? Well this post is all about making your makeup last longer and look almost fresh as if you just applied it!

2 If you have straight short lashes like me -_- then this tip would definitely help you! Heat your lash curler with a low dryer for about 7 seconds or until you know it’s warm enough and then uses it to curl your lashes at the roots and mid length. This obviously acts like a hair curling iron for your hair and keeps the curl in place for long hours. Applying water proof mascara over it will set the curl further and also protect it from moisture!

3 To avoid having issues with your foundation in the first place, try applying it only to the areas you need it. Such as, areas where you have uneven skin tone. This prevents the mask like look. And also make sure your foundation matches you perfectly!

4 Layer layer layer!!! I can’t stress enough about how layering your makeup makes you use just the right amount and also doesn’t make it obvious that you’re wearing face makeup. Start your makeup routine with foundation and later on go over the areas where you have your flaws with concealer.

5 Lipstick gone after a meal? Yes I get the pain this has happened to me always I wear a lipstick but not anymore. You can increase the longevity of your lip colour by applying foundation over your lips prior to the colour and also blotting afterwards. Read about my lipstick routine HERE.

6 Get into the habit of using primers. They are created for the purpose of making your makeup last longer. A cheaper eyelid primer is the elf eye primer. It’s just a dollar and does the job perfectly. You can read my review on it HERE. Face primers are equally important especially if you have oily skin.

7 Apply moisturizer to your entire face as this will not give you dry patches after you apply foundation which is so not cute J

8 Learn to mattify your face. If your oily, only powder the areas where you get oily! Using it on dry areas will make you look scaly. If your touching up your makeup, e sure to blot your oily areas with a blotting sheet or tissue and then apply powder.

9 If it’s a really important day and you don’t want your makeup to mess up whatsoever, invest in a good makeup setting spray. These are kind of expensive ut do the jo perfect. Mac’s fix plus, urban decay all nighter and scandanivia’s are the best in the industry and is used on brides and stage actors! 

xoxo Jeeshan

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