Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review of the Constance carroll mega volume mascara

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This review is going to be of the constance carroll mega volume mascara in black. This is a mascara that can be found in all constance carol counters for about 700 srilankan rupees. I believe that its one of their new mascaras. In my opinion, I don’t find anything special in the mascara’s from this rand. They seem to have the same effect regardless of the claim they associate the product with. Their wands are pretty much the similar standard dense wand.

Constance carroll mega volume mascara 

What constance carrol claims about their mega volume mascara

Volume effect mascara, dramatic volume and thickness for a fantastic false lash effect.

My experience with it

What I notice with most constance carroll mascara’s is that they dry out pretty soon (sooner than 3 months) which is not good. It was the same with this particular one. It points out an issue with mascara’s formulation. This issue of drying out also makes the mascara clumpy thus making it difficult to layer. Although the claim is to volumize, it does no justice to it! It only adds product to the lashes making it thick.
In terms of being waterproof, it works well. However this isn’t a great achievement to talk about as all mascara’s claiming this have succeeded. The drying formula also makes the lashes hard making it look unnatural and brittle. Thus, when removing it, you mind lose some of your lashes!
There is no significant scent in this product to worry about. It does have the typical scent that most mascara’s have. What lacks in this product is the innovation in the mascara wand although their formula isn’t that great, they should have made their wand fit for the claim preferably a wand with dense short bristles.

Constance carroll mega volume mascara 

Application method

If you use mascara’s on other’s its best to use a disposable wand. But however if you use only on yourself, make sure you use it only for 3 months.

  • Use only for 3 months as it dries out further than that
  • Don’t pump your mascara a lot this puts in air which dries out the mascara even quicker
  • Close your mascara fully! This is important as it provides room for air and bacteria to get in
Constance carroll mega volume mascara 

What’s great about this product?
It’s waterproof
A reasonable price

What’s not so good about this product?
It clumps a lot
Makes your lashes look fake and brittle
Makes you lose a few lashes while trying to remove it off

It’s not a mascara that I would recommend to anyone as it does not live up to either of its expectations except the fact of being waterproof which isn’t that special. There are definitely more mascara’s out there that are priced the same and works pretty well.

BEAUTYDOSAGE rating: 2/5


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