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Best & Worst dressed for Oscar 2013

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This blog post is going to be different from my normal ones and is a special one indeedJ. As you all know that it’s the Oscar weekend and all talks are about it. Oscars are not only known for an event to commend entertainment talent but also an event for speculating fashion and beauty! Y now you would have notice various people writing articles about the clothes worn on the red carpet, the hair styles and makeup etc! You would have seen tones of best & worst categories as well!
What I’m going to share with you are my opinions on a few of those ladies on the red carpet. It’s always a fun thing to do isn’t it?

First off let’s see Jennifer Lawrence! She was the MOST talked about woman this Oscar for both grabbing an award as well as being dressed well! She wore a Christian Dior which was quite plain but yet elegant enough to catch everyone’s eyes. The gown was not heavy at all with bulky detailing or anything. It looked well structured to her figure as well as gave a touch of the ‘fairytale effect’ with the soft moonlight colour.

Anne Hathaway was kind of confused in terms of dressing for the Oscars. She definitely won her award but her gown wasn’t a deal anyway. She wore a Prada and it looked too structured and harsh on the seams. What was most talked about were the darts on the chest area making it look like she had a wardrobe malfunction! According to sources it says that this dress was a last minute change from her valentino but looking at this now she would surely regret it J

Amy Adams wore Oscar de la Renta. I always remember Amy for her dreamy character in her movie ‘enchanted’ and so whenever i remember her, I picture her with a fairytale like gown! But anyhow at the Oscars her gown was satisfactory. Not the best though. She is lighter on the top of her figure so the detailing on the bottom made the attention go off further from her face. Nevertheless she looked beautiful.

Reese witherspoon wore Louis vuitton and looked magnificent in it! Her hair went really well with the colour and shape of her gown. Her look on the red carpet looked elegant and sophisticated and would definitely win hearts in the fashion arena! The bold royal blue was a unique pick and she definitely did rock it!

Jennifer Anniston wore a satin valentino and kept her dress safe for the Oscars! Her dress was nothing different but not a wrong pick swell! The dress looks well structured and fits the right places showing off her figure!

Amanda seyfried wore an Alexander McQueen and looked decent in it. Although the style was fab, the neckline well suiting the colour of the dress was not right. It’s just a dull colour falling back away from the exquisite red carpet. If not for the colour of her gown, her hairstyle was fabulous and here pose was striking!

Kristern stewart was dressed in Reem Acra for the evening and the dress was fine and feminine but she just didn’t carry it well. Her hairstyle was just plain and messy and didn’t go with the fairytale flow of the gown! A clean up do would have rather suited her well!

There you go girls. That’s my opinion of a few of the ladies on the Oscar night. Well one thing for sure is that opinions differ and this is mine. As far as I’m concerned the Best dressed in terms of ranking were Jennifer Lawrence and Reese witherspoon! Amanda seyfried and Amy Adams would have done well if not for the colour choices for their gowns. Jennifer anniston played it safe wearing a contemporary but normal gown. And the worst dressed were Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway!

I will definitely do another post about the best makeup and hairstyles at the Oscar 2013 so look forward for that!


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