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Nature's Secret's sun & fun review and swatch

Today’s review is going to be of a product from a local skincare brand called nature’s secrets. The product is called sun and fun anti ageing sun screen lotion with SPF 20.
We all know how important is sunscreen concerning the changes in the environment and impacts of it on our skin. Damage from sun causes skin issues like wrinkles, tan, pre mature ageing etc. Therefore a sun block with good amount of spf is necessary.

Nature's Secret's sun & fun

Nature’s secret is only available in srilanka and Pakistan and is fairly a new brand. I have definitely tried a lot of their skincare line and I’m quite impressed. I will definitely review a few of them later on J

What nature’s secrets claim about sun & fun:
Shields skin from UV radiation for an extended period. Restores skin’s moisture balance. Reduces age spots. Protects against wrinkle formation. Enhances skin elasticity.
Specially formulated with UVA & UVB filters, Nature’s Secrets Sun & Fun is an SPF 20 sunscreen lotion that allows up to 20 times longer risk-free exposure to the sun. Enriched with Virgin Coconut Oil and Vitamin E, Sun & Fun is ideal for extra sun sensitive skin as it protects skin structure and retains the skin’s smoothness, vitality and elasticity .

Nature's Secret's sun & fun

My experience with it
I have worn this about 5 times now and let me start off y telling that this has worked on me. It has prevented me from getting sun burnt and has kept my skin moisturized. However I cannot tell much about how well its anti ageing properties are as my use has only been short term. It does take time to lend in the sun screen but that tells how thick the formula is. And in my opinion I think that sunscreens should e thick.
In terms of scent, it’s not that great and the further you use it, I have realised the scent getting worse. It does get greasy on your face however but when comparing it to the fact that it does protect you from the sun, it’s not a huge issue. The next best thing I love about this is the face that it doesn’t leave a white cast in photos which is a huge plus if you’re taking pictures in your vacation J

Nature's Secret's sun & fun

How I apply it
I apply this once in 20 minutes if I’m under the sun or if I go in water, I apply it once I get back.

Does sun blocking effectively
A great price for the values
Easily available anywhere if you live in srilanka

Greasy texture
Takes time to absorb
Doesn’t leave a white cast in photos

Nature's Secret's sun & fun swatch

Nature's Secret's sun & fun swatch

Overall, i would recommend you try this sun lotion especially if you’re a beginner with sunscreens. Usually products of this nature can e quite expensive. Thus, this is a great point to start J



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  1. They actually determine this by measuring the amount of light required to cause a sunburn. mineral sunscreen


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